Monday, February 2, 2015

IUI #1 Results

Well, I'm sure you can guess our results by reading my blog post title... Since it's labeled IUI #1 Results, that means that there will be an IUI #2. The first IUI didn't work, and I am not pregnant. I had a pretty good idea that my blood work was going to test negative for pregnancy, but a small part of me was still hoping and praying...let's be honest... a small part of me was actually begging and pleading with God for it to be positive.

Since I was going to be traveling with co-workers for the rest of the day after I had the blood work done, we decided to have our doctor's office call Lee with the results. That way, he and I could wait to talk until  that evening when I got checked into my hotel and had some privacy. Once I got to my hotel, I called Lee, and he told me that I had suspected correctly, and that we are not pregnant. I was really bummed, and I could tell he was too. After I got off the phone with Lee, I called my mom and step-mom and filled them both in. After I was done making my phone calls, I cried. I had a pretty good idea that my test results were going to be negative, but I so badly wanted to be proved wrong. Of course it didn't help that I was alone in a strange city and couldn't be consoled by my husband. Pretty much the least ideal situation to get that kind of news. The plus side to all of that is by the time I got home, I had plenty of time to process, and I had accepted the unfortunate news.

Once I got home, Lee and I talked about our disappointment, but decided that we definitely want to move forward and try again. So now we are onto month number two and are surrounding ourselves with positive thoughts and prayers. We also decided that we would use this month to enjoy our time as just the 2 of us, and make healthy choices. We bought a used elliptical over the weekend and are both going to work on being more active and healthy.

There is a nurse that comes to Lee's work occasionally to do wellness checks, and she also struggled with infertility. He always tells me about how when she comes by the office, she asks him how everything is going, and he fills her in on where we are in the process. She apparently took Clomid previously as well, and her and her husband had twins. She told Lee that exercising and being active helped her to feel better during this whole process, so we decided that we would do the same.

So for the next two weeks, we are eating healthier, exercising more, being positive, testing for ovulation, and praying that IUI #2 will be a success! Each month when my period starts, I count from day 1 and estimate what my due date would be if I got pregnant this month. If IUI #2 is a success, Lee and I could expect our baby to be born in November. Just in time for Thanksgiving...sounds PERFECT to me! Let's pray for a baby by Thanksgiving!

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