Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Intrauterine Insemination #4

This month, we started our fourth round of fertility treatments. The first cycle I started by taking Clomid, ultrasounds and blood work, and then had an IUI. The second and third cycles I used Clomid, ultrasounds and blood work again, a trigger shot, and finally an IUI both months. Neither of those three cycles resulted in pregnancy, so we decided to go a different route with cycle number four. If you want to read more about our previous cycles, you can find the links to those posts below.

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Because we did not get pregnant with either of the first three cycles, we decided to switch things up during month four. Instead of taking Clomid like I had previously, this month I took Femara. Femara is an oral medication that I took nightly on cycle days 3 through 7. I was nervous about taking Femara because I wasn't sure if it was going to be better or worse than Clomid (Clomid made me extremely emotional and impatient, among other things.)  To me, Femara was better than Clomid, but still rough. I was not as down and depressed at the beginning of this cycle like I was last time with Clomid, but I did have a few days where I was pretty emotional. Easter, specifically, was the worst day this month for me. I cried all morning. I just felt really anxious and sad, and didn't want to go to church and be around a large crowd. Lee stayed home with me, and I cried it out. Later that day I pulled it together and we got together with one side of our family. I was so glad we went. Spending a day distracted by family was exactly what I needed, and by the end of the night I felt much better. Besides a few emotional days, I would say this month overall went pretty smooth, and Femara seemed to be better than Clomid.

I had an ultrasound on day 10, as usual, and this ultrasound showed that I had one good follicle on my ovaries, but it was not quite mature enough, so my doctor said we should give them a few days to mature, and scheduled another ultrasound on day 12. This is very similar to my last three cycles.

On day 12, I had my second ultrasound and blood work done. These tests showed that I had one mature follicle, and it was a good size. This is less mature follicles than the previous month, but all it takes is one, so as long as I have one good size follicle, we are okay to proceed. On day 12 in the evening, Lee gave me the trigger shot. We then planned our 4th IUI on day 14. Because day 14 fell over a weekend, we scheduled our pregnancy test with my doctor's office on day 30 of my cycle, or 16 days post IUI. Normally the pregnancy test is scheduled for 14 days after the IUI. To me, waiting until day 16 is a good plan, because the last two months I have started my period exactly 14 days after the IUI, within just a couple of hours of having blood drawn. So this time, at least if this cycle isn't successful, I won't have to waste my time getting blood drawn, and I will just start my period and know it's a negative before my scheduled appointment. Of course we are hoping that's not the case, and we're praying for this month to bring us good news.

The IUI went smooth this time. We had a good wait time between Lee's appointment and mine that day, and sat in the waiting room for a while. Usually its really quiet in the room except for the TV being on. This day, it was different. There were 4 other women who were waiting for their ultrasounds, and they were all talking about their experiences thus far. Every single one of them said Clomid was really hard on them emotionally, and the women who had then moved on to injectables said it was a much more pleasant experience. This is good news for me, because Lee and I are thinking if Femara doesn't work for us, we will move onto that next, assuming our doctor says that's okay.

Each time after an IUI I tell myself that this could be the last one I ever have to have, and that is a really great feeling. We are now in our two week wait between IUI and pregnancy test. In just a few weeks we will have our results, and I really hope that means soon we will have super exciting news to share with you all!! We are praying daily for this to be the month we get pregnant,and would love for you to pray for the same. God is good, and a friend reminded me last week that He is bigger than infertility. We know that he hears our (and your) prayers, and that He has a plan for us. Thanks for your continued love and prayers, and thanks for reading!

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