Monday, April 6, 2015

IUI #3 Results

During the month of March, we had our 3rd IUI, and unfortunately, it did not result in pregnancy. We were really hoping that the 3rd time was going to be a charm for us, but as it turns out, God has a different plan. Since we have now tried Clomid + IUI 3 times, my doctor does not think it will be beneficial for me to take Clomid anymore. This news alone is a huge blessing, and honestly kind of a relief.

Negative results are obviously not what we were hoping for, and we were bummed that the 3rd IUI was not successful. We're trying to stay positive and remember that God has a plan for us, and someday this will all make sense. Hopefully the day will come that we are holding a sweet baby, and then we will know that all of this struggle and pain was 100% worth it.

Since our 3rd IUI was not successful, now we're onto something new. We met with our doctor late in March and talked about what our options were if IUI #3 didn't work. You can read about that appointment and what options he gave us here. We decided that option number 1 would be best for us this month, so now we will start cycle 1 of Femara, and if all goes well, later this month Lee will give me the trigger shot, and then we'll have our 4th IUI.

We really were open to all three of the options offered to us, but we could only choose one to start with. We started by ruling out IVF for the time being. We are interested in trying IVF in the future, but we know that once we go that route, if it doesn't work, our next options are very limited, and the idea of that was a little intimidating. With IVF ruled out, that means we will definitely be continuing with IUI. So next we just had to choose between Femara (oral medication), or injectable medication. At first, we were really leaning towards the injectable medication because it does increase our chances of getting pregnant each month. Ultimately, we decided that since I did have a good response to the Clomid, we would start with Femara. If Femara doesn't do the trick, we still have the option to try both the injectables and IVF. If we get to the end of our options and still aren't pregnant, we will at least be able to find peace in knowing that we tried every possible option.

At this point, we are praying that my ultrasounds show that I respond well to the Femara, and that this is the month we get pregnant. We would appreciate for you to pray for the same thing! Once again, we are so thankful for everyone's kind words, thoughts, and prayers. We are so lucky to have such loyal friends and family, and we know that whatever curve ball God throws our way, he has sent all of you to help us get through it. With His unending love, and the support we are receiving from all of you, we know we can make it through anything, especially infertility. So thank you all for your love and prayers, and of course thank you for reading our blog. Check out my next post to see how our 4th IUI goes!

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