Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) #5

Our fertility treatments for the month of April did not result in pregnancy. If you missed my last blog post, you can read about April's IUI here, and our results here. We decided to take a different route for the month of May, and I am SO SO GLAD that we did! Friends, I am so excited to tell you that May has been a really great month. Here's why:

For the month of May, we stopped using oral drugs completely, and did injections only. At first, I was really dreading this, because who wants to get a needle to the stomach every day for 7-10 days? To me, this sounded really awful. To start this cycle, I had an ultrasound and blood drawn to make sure that I didn't have any cysts on my ovaries, and to make sure my hormone levels were okay. Because my blood work looked good and I had no cysts on my ovaries, the doctor gave us the okay to start with the injections. We started the shots on day 3 of my cycle and did them nightly for 5 nights. After the 5th day of getting the shots, I went in for another ultrasound and blood work to see if I was responding to the medication. The nurse mentioned that most women use the shots for 7 to 10 days and sometimes the doses need to be updated after the first ultrasound. 

My first ultrasound showed that I was responding great to the medication. The nurse called afterwards and said I only needed to do one more night of injections. So on day 8 of my cycle I finished the medication. On day 9, Lee gave me the trigger shot, and on day 11 we had the IUI. Most people have injections for 7 to 10 days, and I only had to get them for 6 days... how awesome is that?! The past three cycles I've had the IUIs done around day 14, and this month I had mine on day 11. This means that my cycle this month will most likely be about 25 days, which is the shortest cycle I've had in the last 19 months.  

Not only was I thrilled to only have to get the injections for 6 days, I was also thrilled that I had minimal side effects from the medication. I did have a few headaches, which is common with fertility drugs, but I had no major mood swings, crying spells, etc. This was so amazing, and I feel like a new woman! It has felt so good to not be on an emotional roller coaster this month. I am so so thankful for this, and I know Lee is too! As far as the injections go, they weren't too bad either. The needle was pretty small, and the shot went fairly quick.

Although I didn't have any major emotional ups and downs this month, Mother's Day of course is a tough day for most child-less women who long to be mommies (myself included). Every holiday for the past couple of years I tell Lee, "This could be the last _______ we celebrate as a family of two!!" (Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, etc.) or "Next year we could be celebrating ________ (Mother's Day/Father's Day) with our own child! Unfortunately, we are now to a point that when I say that, I realize I've said that the past two Christmases, or whatever holiday we may be celebrating, and that is sad for us. Whenever Lee and I got married, we were thinking we would enjoy marriage just the two of us for about two years. We figured this would give us time to move home (we were living in Kansas when we got married), buy a house, me find a job in Evansville, etc. and then start a family. We both thought that was a great plan, but I teased Lee and told him I wanted to be a mom by the time I was 25. I was 23 when we got married, so that gave us plenty of time to get pregnant after our second anniversary. We actually ended up changing our minds, and we started trying to get pregnant about 16 months into marriage. As many of you know, my 25th year has come and gone, and this month I turned 26. Of course it is disappointing that we still do not have children, but we know that God has a plan for us, and although it may not mesh up with the plan we had for ourselves, we try to remember that God will bless us with a child at the perfect time.

So instead of dwelling on the holidays we are celebrating without children, I'm going to try really hard to make a point to celebrate the people we do have in our lives the next holiday. This Mother's Day, I was especially thankful for a few really great girlfriends and family members who made me feel extra special. One sweet friend sent me a cookie bouquet and reminded me she was thinking of me and praying for me over the weekend. Another couple of girlfriends sent me a texts and Facebook messages letting me know they were thinking of me on Mother's Day and saying an extra prayer for Lee and I. My brother made sure to tell me Happy Mother's Day and thank me for always "mothering" him over the years. This could be a really nice way of him saying "thanks for being so bossy and trying your best to make me behave over the years...", but either way, I'll take it! (haha just kidding, of course. I know he was sincere with his words, I just love teasing him), and last but not least my sweet mother-in-law gave me a card reminding me that although the journey is taking longer than I'd like, we have the faith to make it through. God used all of these people to remind me that I have SO MUCH to be thankful for, and I am really trying to remember that when I start to feel down. 

Although Mother's Day was this month, and that was a little tough, this has actually been the very best month we've had since starting fertility treatments. I finally feel like myself again, and I am so happy about that! It's so much easier to be positive and hopeful when every little thing doesn't either get on my nerves or make me cry.  Because everything has gone so smooth, we are really really hoping that May is our month! We are praying that May is the month God plans for us to conceive a baby, and would love for you to pray for the same thing. We are now in the two week wait between IUI and pregnancy test. Once we have our results, I will write another blog post and fill you all in. Thanks for reading our blog, and thank you for  your prayers. I really hope the next blog post I get to share with you all is an exciting one! 

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