Tuesday, May 26, 2015

IUI #5 Results

Well friends, as you know from reading my last post, May started out to be a really great month. We used injections only this month (no oral pills), and surprisingly, they were really great. No major mood swings or emotional issues. This was a HUGE relief to both Lee and I. I really was starting to feel like myself again, and had a good feeling about May being our month.

In addition to having no unwanted side effects from the new fertility drugs, May also was great because Lee and I had a trip to New York City planned, and we knew that would be a good distraction for us. Lee and I both have May birthdays, and we decided to take a trip this year instead of exchanging gifts. Our trip to New York fell over our two week wait, and we thought it would be a good way to get our mind off of the results we'd be getting in the next couple of weeks. (After an IUI, we have to wait two weeks to take a pregnancy test to find out if the IUI was successful). So our trip was planned during our two week wait, and our pregnancy test would've been two days after we got home. I didn't expect to have a period during our trip, because the last couple of cycles, I've started almost exactly 14 days after the IUI, and we were scheduled to be home 12 days post IUI, so I was thinking this would be perfect timing.

Of course on the second to last day of the trip I had a very small amount of spotting. I had been super exhausted the whole time, (which is probably due to the amount of walking we were doing around the city), but I got excited thinking maybe I was experiencing implantation bleeding, and could potentially be pregnant. Unfortunately, the next day I learned that I was not experiencing implantation bleeding, and was not pregnant. This was extremely disappointing, but fortunately, we had a lot planned for our last day in New York, so I didn't have a whole lot of time to dwell on it. I was distracted for the next two days with site seeing and our travels home, so that was nice.

What seems to be both a good and bad thing with fertility treatments, is that once I find out I'm not pregnant, there's the devastation of another failed cycle, starting a period and everything that goes along with that, and then two days after getting the bad news, bring on the fertility drugs, which are basically a lot of extra hormones, whether they be oral pills or injections. This is how all of my cycles have gone so far, and it is always a lot to take on in just 3 or 4 days. The good thing is, once we get a negative, we are quickly starting another cycle, which gives us new hope.

For anyone who has lost count at this point, we have done 5 IUI cycles in a row (see below if you want to read about any of our other IUIs). We started in January, and have gone back to back with all of them. With these IUI cycles, we have tried a plethora of medications. We've tried Clomid (3x) and Femara (1x),which are both oral pills, and now Gonal-F injections(1x). For 4 of these 5 cycles we have also used a trigger shot called Ovidrel, and of course had 5 IUIs. With 2 of the Clomid cycles, I also took an estrogen pill, because the Clomid was causing my uterine lining to thin out. We have decided because May seemed to go so smooth, we are going to give the injections one more try. At this point, we feel like we have given the IUI process a fair try, and if it doesn't work after 6 tries, and 5 different types of medication, we're going to move on. But for now, we are starting IUI cycle number 6, and are giving the injections one more chance.

Hopefully June is our month, and we don't have to worry about what our next plan of action will be! As always, we are praying that this be the month we conceive a child, and that God ease our worries and give us peace in knowing that He has a plan for us to become parents with perfect timing. Thank you for reading, praying, and supporting us. We appreciate you.

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Because life was super busy after IUI number 4, I did not write a Post IUI # 4 Update, but I will plan to do so for IUIs 5 & 6 so I can update you on our next plans.

On a side note, despite finding out IUI #5 was a fail while on our trip to New York, we still had a really great vacation! Check out a few of our pics from the trip:

As former cheerleaders, we of course had to take the classic cheer picture
and do a liberty in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Here is a picture of my love and I waiting to see The Book of Mormon. Although a little crude, I have
to admit that I thought the show was hilarious! This show was our favorite part of our birthday get-away.

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