Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites 9/25/15

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My favorite things from this week include this new bag! I bought it a few weeks ago at Target, and I'm thinking it will be the perfect carry-on bag for our upcoming trip to Mexico. You can see it online here.


Toasted. Coconut. Oreos. Let that sink in for a second... YUM! I found these at our local grocery store this week and they are SO GOOD! I bought them with the intent to make some type of dessert creation using them, but I may just have to save that idea for next time, because this package of Oreos is going to be gone before too long!

Toasted Coconut Oreos


The Fall Festival is coming up soon here in my town, and I am so so excited for it. It always falls the first full week of October and it is HUGE. Lots and lots of food booths, games, rides, parades, etc. The main thing that I get excited about is the food (duh!). Some booths have normal festival foods such as corn dogs, funnel cakes, tenderloins, etc., but other booths have unique things like brain sandwiches, chicken fried bacon, and burgers that have donuts for a bun. Lee and I always go together a couple of times, and usually a group of girlfriends and I pick a night to get together and go as well: Fall, fried food, and friends... what more could I possibly ask for?
I couldn't find our pic from last year, but this one is from 2 years ago.
Some gfs and I waiting in line...probably for something fried :)

Beach time!!

This is not a beach picture I took.. Its just one I found on Google, but I'm so excited to go on vacation! Before too long I'll be laying by the beach with a drink in my hand, and no work or homework in sight, and I just. can't. wait. We are going to Cancun to celebrate my brother's wedding, and most of my family is going, so it's going to be such a fun trip.


Last, but not least.... Pumpkin Spice Cake Ball. I made these last week and they were so yummy! I made a whole batch of cake balls, but I only dipped about 10 of them in chocolate. The rest I put in the freezer, and will whip them out and dip them in chocolate next time I'm needing to throw together a quick dessert. You can find the recipe here.
Pumpkin Spice Oreos

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