Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Favorites- Birthday Edition 2016!!

Hi everyone! It's Friday and I'm linking up with Erika from A Little Bit of Everything Blog, Andrea from Momfessionals Blog, and Narci from Grace and Love Blog to share my favorite things from the week! You can save this graphic and visit their pages to join the link up!

Wednesday of this week was my birthday!! So I'm going to share all of my favorite things I've done to celebrate my birthday this year. 


My mom and I before the concert! 

My mom and I both had birthdays this week, so we started our celebration last week by going with my aunt, cousin, and my cousin's mother-in-law to the Melissa Ethridge concert! Honestly, I wasn't a huge Melissa Ethridge fan before the show. I knew and liked several of her songs, but I certainly wasn't a die-hard fan. My cousin and I knew that our moms were really big fans, so we decided to go. After the concert, I definitely became a bigger Melissa fan! She is such a talented musician. The concert was in a small, intimate venue, and she played solo. No opener, and no band! She sang AND played every song herself. She had 9 guitars on stage, bongo drums, a tambourine, and a harmonica. She put on a really great show! It's not very often that my mom and I get one on one time together, and we ended up staying up until 4am talking and catching up! It was just a really fun weekend. Spending time with my mom is always a favorite. 


Churro Cupcakes
So last Saturday my mom and I started our birthday celebrations, and the celebrations just continued into the week. On Sunday when I got home, my mother-in-law made a huge meal to celebrate my birthday. With cinco de mayo being this week, and me being a lover of Mexican food, she made a Mexican-themed meal complete with enchiladas, taco salads (she even had the crispy taco salad shells), queso, salsa, and churro cupcakes. It was all so good! Lee and I ended up taking home a few churro cupcakes, and I snagged a pic of one to share with you guys. I'm pretty sure my mother-in-law found this recipe on pinterest, and these were so moist and good! They are a sweet, cinnamon flavored cake and icing. Mexican food and visits with Lee's family are always a great way to celebrate! So having some time with them for my birthday was a favorite of mine this week. 

Royal New York Cheesecake Blizzard
On Monday, the celebrations continued! I get promo emails from Dairy Queen, and got a Buy One Get One Free Blizzard coupon, so of course we had to take advantage. So Monday night we got Blizzards from DQ. I don't have any pics from this, so I just borrowed one from the Dairy Queen website. Lee got one of the new Royal Blizzards and I had some of it- it was so good! It had cheesecake, graham cracker crumbs and strawberries in it. I got my usual pick, Oreo, which never disappoints. Ice cream and time with my love was for sure a favorite of mine this week. 


I don't have a picture for #4, but on Tuesday this week, I went to the monthly meeting of The Nest. The Nest is a faith-based infertility support group. I have been attending monthly for about a year, and this group has been such a blessing to me! I have found new hope and new friends through this group. Attending the group, hearing the stories of other women and the monthly message has really encouraged me and strengthened  my relationship with Christ. I couldn't be more thankful for Elisha and the other friends I've made through this group, so being able to make it part of my birthday Celebration was definitely a favorite this week for me.  This month we had record attendance! There were a total of 24 women who came together, ate, laughed, prayed, and supported one another. It was so great. 

I received this cookie bouquet for my birthday!

Wednesday was my actual birthday, and I started the day with breakfast made by my love. I worked all day and had a final exam that evening. A 2 hour critical thinking/writing exam is not the ideal way to bring in 27, but the good news is that it was my last exam of the semester! I survived another semester of graduate school, and now I'm on summer break. I'll take an online class this summer, and then one class in the fall before I earn my MBA. Finishing school for the semester and being on summer break was one of the top favs of mine for the week... maybe even the whole month! After the exam, Lee met up with me and several of my classmates and we all had a beer to celebrate the semester being over and my birthday! In addition to birthday breakfast and finishing the semester, I was also spoiled on my birthday with breakfast cake and Starbucks when I got to work, and a few of my closer co-workers gifted me with chocolates, bath bombs, a face mask, and a new cup to keep at my desk! My brother and sister-in-law, niece and nephew sent me a cookie bouquet, and my hubby and family spoiled me with a new watch. Talk about feeling loved!!

Lee and I at a Cardinal's Game several years ago. 
Thursday this week, Lee and I finished up our Mother's Day shopping after work and got ready for the weekend. Tonight we have tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals game and are going with two of our favorite friends! Tomorrow we will spend time with family at the zoo, and round out our Sunday with church and a big lunch to celebrate the mothers in our lives. A weekend packed full of friends, family, and quality time with my husband is by far my most favorite of the week!  The pic above is of Lee and I at a Cardinals game a few years ago. We'll have to get an updated one tonight! 

As you can tell, this whole week was pretty much my favorite! Last year I was pretty bummed when my birthday rolled around. Another year had passed, and we still didn't have a baby. At that time, Lee and I were in the midst of our 5th round of fertility treatments, and we were just feeling really worn down and frankly just sad about not being pregnant yet. This year, our circumstances as far as pregnancy go have not changed, but not having all of the hormone injections definitely allows me to be more positive. This year I had a really great birthday. I felt very loved all week, and I just can't be sad because I have so much right now to be thankful for. God has been so good to us this year, and we know that He has a plan to make us parents at the perfect time. I'm trying to trust in Him, and spend my time enjoying my current blessings. Some days its harder than others, but this week has overflowed with happiness and thankfulness! So happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy Mother's Day and the wonderful women in your lives. :)  For those of you who are not yet mommas, or cannot celebrate with your own mommas, know that I am thinking of you! <3 p="">

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