Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pregnancy Month 3

Hi everyone! Month 4 of pregnancy has FLOWN by, as we have been pretty busy these past few weeks. Despite our busyness, I am so happy to share that this month has gone smoothly in the pregnancy realm. I am still crossing my fingers and being extra thankful that other than some occasional nausea, I've not had any morning sickness.

I'm now in the 2nd trimester and the exhaustion of the 1st trimester has mostly passed. I'm starting to get some energy back. It's good I've gotten some energy back because in the past month we have celebrated my mom's 50th birthday in Nashville, spent Mother's Day cooking out with all the the wonderful momma's in my life, threw a little birthday shin dig for my hubby's 30th birthday, and finally planted my garden for this year.

My 16 week appointment with the doctor showed that baby's heart rate was strong, baby is growing right on track, and my blood pressure is looking good. We didn't initially have an ultrasound scheduled with this appointment, but Lee and I didn't know that.... We've had an ultrasound with every other appointment so far, so we just assumed that was a normal thing. The doctor explained that our next ultrasound isn't scheduled until our anatomy scan, which happens around 18-20 weeks. She knows we are always anxious to know that baby is doing well, so she said she'd check to see if someone was available to do an ultrasound.

It was late in the day, but thankfully someone was available for an ultrasound, and it was the same woman who I saw previously when I went in due to some bleeding. When I went in bc of the bleeding, I was a crying, nervous wreck and she was incredibly sweet. She was incredibly sweet once again, and she asked us when we went in if she was allowed to say what she knew, etc. and we told her to tell us what she saw... so she started scanning and went right to the pelvic area of our baby. She explained what was being shown on the screen. Our baby's little butt, two legs, and then the moment of truth: our baby is a.... BOY!!!! We are thrilled to know the gender of our baby boy! We also got to see his spine, his little ribs, and his facial profile. We are already so in love with our little boy!

Finding out the gender of our baby has been an incredible surprise this month. We thought we wouldn't know gender until later in the pregnancy, but we're thankful we got to know sooner! So now you can find me on Pinterest creating boards for our baby boy's room, and Lee and I are throwing out ideas for all kinds of different boy names.

We shared the news of our baby's gender with a some of our friends and family during Lee's 30th birthday cookout. Although we've known for over a week now, we are still in shock, and so thankful and excited!! We get to have a baby boy! Is this real life?!

We get to have our anatomy scan in early June, and we are looking forward to seeing more of our little guy and see all the growing he has been doing! I'll let you guys know how the anatomy scan goes with my next blog post. We are still thanking God everyday for this experience, and continuing to pray for our baby boy and his health, growth, and development. Everyday Lee and I look at my baby bump and are just so thankful. We are so lucky that the pregnancy thus far has been so smooth. We are loving being able to plan for our future as a family of 3. We are now in week 17 of pregnancy, but I'll leave you with pics from weeks 13-16.

Here I am at 13 weeks pregnant. 
Here I am at 14 weeks along.

Here is another from 14 weeks. A friend gifted me this tank for my birthday, and I love it!

I failed to take a 15 week photo, but my mom snapped this one Mother's Day weekend. My brother did an awesome seafood boil for all of us ladies, and our baby boy made his way into the pic! :) 

Finally, here is my bump at 16 weeks. We are excited to get to use the gender card now!

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