Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pregnancy month 4

Pregnancy month 4... how is it possible that we are halfway to meeting our baby already?! 2017 is flying by! I am torn between being wanting it to be Nov. so we can meet our baby boy and wanting time to slow down so I can enjoy every moment of pregnancy. This past month we got to have our anatomy scan, which is a longer ultrasound that gave us all kinds of good pics of our baby. We got to see many of his organs, all 4 of his limbs, a good look at his head, and even got pics of his tiny little feet. It was incredible! He is developing right on schedule, and we are so thankful. He is very active. I have recently started feeling lots of little kicks and flutters.

I'm still fortunate to be feeling well as far as nausea and morning sickness goes, but I am getting to a point where I'm starting to feel more discomfort when I move certain ways, and at night when trying to sleep. Lee ordered me a Snoogle Pillow, and let me tell you... I am a huge fan! I am listing the Snoogle near the top of the list of fav gifts Lee has given me.  I had a few days this past month where the weather got pretty hot and my hands and feet started swelling... there was a period of 2-3 days where I had no ankles whatsoever. I was afraid I wouldn't get rid of those kankles until Thanksgiving, but thankfully, the swelling has gone down for now. I have no doubt that it will come back as we get deeper into the summer. 

As far as plans for the baby go, you're probably wondering about his name. Lee and I are so stumped in this department. There are a few names that we like but nothing we are sold on yet. We've decided to keep our name ideas to ourselves. We don't want to be swayed one way or another by all kinds of opinions, so we're keeping everyone in suspense until we decide. Once his name is set, we will probably share. :) 

In other plans, we haven't really done anything to the baby's bedroom except clean out one of his closets... Our plan is to finish our basement remodel and then start on baby's room. This his been a long project, but Lee has made some strides in our basement recently! My mother-in-law is a rockstar, and she painted almost all of our living room/stairway for us. It looks awesome!! Lee has recruited a few friends to help lay our floor this weekend, so a few more weekends, and we will be on our way to spending lots of family time downstairs this winter. I am SO excited for this! Also once we finish this project, we can focus on putting together our son's bedroom.

Typing 'our son' is still so awesome. Every time he moves or wiggles I am reminded of how REAL this is, and I am just so thankful. Are you guys tired of reading that on every post yet? I don't know how else to describe all of this... somedays I am overwhelmed (in a great way) at the reality of experiencing pregnancy and planning for a baby. There were so many days where I wondered if this would ever happen for us, and now that it is, I still have a hard time believing it even though the pregnancy is more than halfway through. Pregnancy is so temporary, and it is going by so fast... for those of you who are still waiting and praying for this miracle, don't give up. It is worth every tear, every shot, every pill, every sleepless night, etc. It is already worth all of it, and I haven't even held this precious little baby yet. It's crazy how we can love someone so much without ever having met them.

I'm a little late getting this post finished, so by now, we are only 18 weeks away from meeting our little guy. Here are a few pics of his growth during month 4:
17 weeks

18 weeks

19 weeks
20 weeks, halfway to meeting our baby boy!

P.S.  I am NOT getting paid to promote the Snoogle pillow... I just really love it that much! :) 

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