Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites 07/14/17

Happy Friday, friends! Today I am linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci to share my favorite things from the week.

My first fav... this pic is from a couple weeks ago, but I never posted it, so... my two FAVORITE guys. You can pretty much expect that between now and when baby is born, I will have a bump pic as one of my favs for every single week. This pregnancy has been such a blessing and I am so very thankful.
Relaxing with my 2 favorite boys <3 td="">

Another of my FAVs from the week was making 'zoodles' aka zucchini noodles for the first time. I'm always excited when I can make meals using veggies I've grown from my garden, and this meal was a good way for me to sneak in some veggies that didn't even taste like veggies bc they were covered in alfredo sauce. If you haven't tried zoodles yet, give them a whirl! I know my local Schnuck's (grocery store) even has spiraled zoodles in their produce section.

Speaking of veggies from my garden, Lee and I got to spend an evening with our niece, Littlecjc this week, and she was a big helper in the garden. She helped us make 4 trips to the garden to water plants and pick veggies. It's so sweet that she loves being helpful. I know that once our baby boy gets here, we won't have a lot of one on one time with our nieces and nephews like we are used to, so quality time with this cutie was definitely a FAVORITE.

We've not done too much to prep for our baby's room yet, but we are brainstorming ideas of what we want to do in there, and we've decided on a theme. This week I ordered part of our bedding from Etsy, and I am SO excited! I have a feeling this "Adventure Awaits" theme is going to be a FAVORTIE of mine... We ordered a blanket in this print with tan minky fabric for the back.
I'm going to *try* to make my own crib skirt with the same 'adventure awaits' fabric, and I have a few different crib sheets that I've registered for that will mesh well with these. I can't wait to show you all the blanket once I get it in the mail!

If you know me, then you know Starbucks is a definite FAV. of mine. I'm not a huge coffee drinker... I'm kind of a coffee snob. If I'm making coffee at home, It's usually some type of latte packet/kit for the keurig, or I really love these Chai Lattes from Trader Joes... most of the time I'm splurging at Starbucks. Is it really splurging if you go every week? Idk, but I'm going with it... 

This week I tried the Peach White Tea Infusion, and the Strawberry Green Tea Infusion (pictured above) and it both were so good! The Strawberry was great, but the Peach was my fav. I'm especially excited because Starbucks is giving away free tea this afternoon, and I'm debating if I should indulge in the peach again, or try a different flavor. Either way, free drinks from Starbucks could easily be anyone's favorite!!
P.S. These drinks are low calorie, AND low in caffeine! win/win!

Lastly, this guy has to be my number one FAVORITE for the week. My hubby is always so positive! From a bad haircut, to a cracked/leaky toilet, to a dead lawnmower battery, he's  had one heck of a week. I realize none of these things are important in the grand scheme of life, but still frustrating nonetheless. I am thankful Lee has pushed through and made the best of things all week! He deserves a gold star for best attitude, that's for sure.

We have plans to go boating with friends this weekend, and I am looking forward to some sunshine, rest, and relaxation with a few of my favorite people. Happy Friday, friends! 

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