Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pregnancy Month 5

Month 5... how is that even possible?! Has it really been 6 months since Lee and I were praying that our upcoming embryo transfer be a success? Time is FLYING by. I am now 24 weeks pregnant and am feeling lots of kicks and movement from baby boy. Lee is starting to be able to feel him more too, which is so exciting!

In addition to baby moving, this past month has brought plenty of feet and ankle swelling, and a new found appetite for vegetables. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sweets, bacon, cheese, and junk food loving girl. I have been trying to eat a more balanced diet since being pregnant, but at the beginning, the only new thing I had tried and loved had been asparagus. This past month I've also found that I love Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and zucchini! I'm hoping to keep eating more fruits and veggies and less sweets once baby boy gets here... we'll see how that goes! I'm also noticing baby boy's growth is making bending over a little more difficult, but not unmanageable yet. I've also noticed that my sleep pattern has changed. I still get tired here and there in the afternoons, but pre-pregnancy I was pretty much always sleeping about 9 hours a night. Now I am sleeping more like 7-8 hours a night, and I feel like I'm functioning just as well. I realize that 's only 1-2 hours difference, but for me, that's progress. I feel like my body is already starting to adjust to less sleep, which I suppose is good prep for when baby gets here.

At our last doctor appointment, our doctor said my blood pressure is still good, baby boy's heart beat is strong, and our impromptu ultrasound showed he is growing right on track. I had a little spotting prior to my last appt and even though we didn't have one scheduled, my doctor suggested an ultrasound just to double check that all is well. I appreciate that my doctor is so cautious and caring with our pregnancy. I feel like she really 'gets it' that it took us a long time to get to this point, and we are so excited, but also a little nervous. She really does everything she can to make sure we are comfortable with all that is happening with our pregnancy. 

At my next doctor's appointment, I will do the dreaded test for gestational diabetes, but the upside to that is we have an ultrasound scheduled and should get a good view of baby's face if he cooperates! We got to see his face a little with the last scan, but our doctor said this next time should be a great time to see him, given his size around that time. We are really looking forward to that. I am praying over these next few weeks that the testing go well and that I will not have gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. 

Our little guy still does not have a name, but we have began choosing a nursery theme and picking stuff out for his room. We are going with an adventure/outdoorsy theme, and I think it is going to be so cute! Here is a pic of the fabric for part of his bedding.
Other than that, we don't have much news to report, so I'll leave you with some bump pics. :) 
21 weeks and getting ready to celebrate my cousin's bridal shower!

22 weeks during 4th of July! My shirt says "Baby You're a Firework!" 

23 weeks and barely able to squeeze into a few of my non-maternity shirts like this one! 

24 weeks and going strong!

This is not the best pic of my face, but you can definitely see how by Baby F is in this front view pic! 

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