Friday, September 22, 2017

September Joy

Happy Friday, friends! Today I'm trying something new and linking up with Stephanie and her crew to share 5 things that bring me JOY. I'm also linking up with ErikaAndrea, and Narci for Friday Favorites! 


As of yesterday, I am 34 weeks pregnant! That makes this pic a few weeks old, but I especially love this new nursing top that I got, which is currently doubling as a maternity top :). This pregnancy has been such a blessing. Can you believe that I've not eaten a single Tums since being pregnant? I have been so fortunate with minimal nausea, no morning sickness, etc. I am so thankful that it has been such a pleasant experience. Now we are less than 6 weeks from meeting our miracle boy, and I am just so excited! Through this pregnancy, God has shown us truly how great he is, and I know this is just the beginning.

Comfort food has been my thing lately... Last week I made my Sausage Stars recipe, and I snacked on them all week. I ate them for breakfast a few days, for snacks, and one night I had them with a side salad for dinner... they're good anytime, any day!
Sausage Stars and Alfredo Pizza... YUM!! 

This week, I made my very favorite Alfredo Sauce, which my sister-in-law introduced me to, and then we put the sauce on pizza with grilled chicken, spinach and mushrooms... it was so good! Comfort food has been my jam lately, and as a woman who is 7.5 months pregnant, it brings me JOY ;). 

I could go on and on about how supportive our friends and family are... We have been especially reminded lately as they have all showered us with gifts, love, and support and our two bridal showers. We had one in IL and one in IN to celebrate with both our our families, and let me tell you... the mamas, sisters-in-law, and friends in our lives went above and beyond to throw us beautiful baby showers. This baby has everything he could possibly need and more, and we are so very thankful! It brings me JOY to see everyone celebrating our baby boy. 

Here are a few pics from both of our baby showers: 


From left to right, the first pic is my niece, Layla, and I at our IN baby shower. This little girl is SO EXCITED to be a big cousin. I have no doubt she will be the best helper. The 2nd picture is my Great Aunt Toby, myself, and Lee at our IL baby shower. I love that our baby has a pic with his Great Great Aunt. The bottom left is Lee and I in front of our adventure themed cake at our IN shower. If you can, zoom in on the detail... this shower was SO cute and personal! The bottom right is my mom, myself, and her bff and our IL shower. It was so fun to celebrate with everyone, and the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme was adorable. 

Today is the first day of fall!! I am so excited! Although we have a high of 95 degrees today, I'm embracing fall despite the weather. I think next week it is supposed to cool down into the 70's and 80's, and that will, without a doubt, bring me joy. I love celebrating each season by decorating my house, enjoying seasonal activities and foods, etc. Lee has gotten my fall decor out of the attic, and I'm hoping to put it out this weekend. This week we started celebrating fall by watching Hocus Pocus. It's a silly kid movie, but we enjoyed it none-the-less. Bring on cool weather, leaves changing colors, and everything cozy! 

The final thing that brings me joy today is that it is FRIDAY!! I am so thankful it is the weekend! We  have a busy one planned: Tonight we are going to be productive around the house, tomorrow we'll go to our niece's 4th birthday party, and tomorrow evening Lee's buddies are throwing him a diaper party. While  he's at the diaper party, my step-mom and I (my brother and I love to call her smom for short ;) ) are going to a wine and paint party. No wine for me, but I'm excited for the pallet painting! Then Sunday we are hoping to finish up some decorating in the baby's room. It's going to be a great weekend full of time with friends and family! 

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy FALL!! 

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