Monday, January 29, 2018

Liam 1-3 Months

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've written a blog post. 3 months or so.... Since my son was born in October, I took a break from blogging and enjoyed every second with our sweet miracle boy.

Now that my maternity leave is over, we are getting on more of a schedule, and I hope to begin blogging more as well. I want to be able and look back at my blog someday as a scrapbook for our family. I am so excited that this 'scrapbook' will now have photos and stories of our precious boy. Liam is just so cute: he has big blue eyes, long eyelashes, and the cutest chubby cheeks I've ever seen. He is such a sweet, mellow little guy. We have been very fortunate with his health, and he is starting to sleep some more at night, which is a huge bonus!

This blog post may not be super exciting for everyone else, its more for my own records, but if you don't want to read it all, skip to the bottom for some pics of our little sweetie. Someday I might want to reference what's been going on these first three months, so here are my notes so far:

Coming home from the hospital
Liam had jaundice as a new baby, so we came home from the hospital with a billi blanket. We had it for about 5 days and then we were able to get rid of it. Lee took two weeks off of work once Liam was born. The first week, Lee and I got up together for every single feeding. Being new parents, neither of us really knew what we were doing. Lee was so super supportive while I was attempting to breast feed, and since Liam and I both struggled with that, after we nursed, Lee would feed Liam while I pumped. This was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, and I am so thankful Lee braved those sleepless nights with me. The second week Lee was home, we started alternating feedings, and I would pump in between.

Once Lee went back to work, I took over the night feedings except for one. Liam was eating every 2 hours most of the time and I was also pumping, so Lee would take one middle of the night feeding so I could get a stretch of consecutive sleep. Some nights he'd get up  more than once if I was really struggling. Around 10 weeks Liam started having more 3 hour stretches between feeding, sometimes even 4 hours would go between feedings. By about 12 weeks, Liam started only waking once a night, except for a random night here and there when he wakes up more than once. Unfortunately, we have pretty much given up on breastfeeding, but Liam is still getting only breast milk that I am pumping. So I have scaled back to 6 pumps per day, and I am getting up once through the night to pump. I went back to work at 13 weeks, and now that Liam is sleeping better, Lee and I are alternating nights getting up with him.

As I mentioned above, Liam and I both struggled with breastfeeding. Liam was born 4 weeks early and was a sleepy baby at first. He would fall asleep nursing before he would get full, so I felt like we were breastfeeding around the clock. Also, he struggled latching, so I ended up taking a few days off while a scab healed, and then we never really got back on track after that. We also took breaks for thrush (2x) and mastitis, so by around 10 weeks I just began exclusively pumping. Liam also had breast milk jaundice around 4 weeks of age, and it lasted about 3 weeks. We didn't have to do anything for it, just watch to make sure his eating habits didn't change, but it was alarming to us at first. If I ever had another child, I will definitely try harder with breastfeeding, but with Liam it was all so new, and I was overwhelmed, and often in pain. I'm thankful that I've been able to pump and still give him breast milk, and I'm extra thankful that Lee has been so supportive. Lee helps wash pump parts, takes care of baby while I pump, etc. He never complains, even when I do, and I just can't say enough how awesome he is. I know not all women have support with breastfeeding/pumping, and I'm thankful Lee has been so helpful.

Around 8 weeks I felt like Liam really started being more fun to play with. The first 8 weeks he was sleepy, cozy, and snuggly, which we adored, but around 8 weeks he started cooing more, and giving us all kinds of baby talk. Around 10 weeks I felt like we really started feeling human again with him sleeping more, and around 12 weeks he started rolling from belly to back! At 14 weeks he is talking up a storm, HATES being burped, loves tummy time, and also loves his new drum and new bouncer that he got for Christmas. At his 8 week appointment, he only cried for a quick second when he got his shots. He was in the 62 percentile for weight, and 10 percentile for height.

I left Liam for the first time at 5 weeks. Took a quick trip to pick up some dinner and come straight home. After that I left him for an hour or two here or there for a haircut, dentist appt, etc. Going back to work was the longest amount of time I'd been away from him. I went back to work at 13 weeks, and that first day (really the first week) was excruciating. I cried when I dropped him off at his Aunt Mandy's, and I sobbed the whole way to work. Thankfully, I was able to pull it together the rest of that week, and ended the week with a snow day from work, which I was so thankful for. I am now back in the groove of going to work, and I miss my little sweetie all day, but I'm thankful his aunt and grandma are taking such good care of him.

Here are Liam's 1, 2, and 3 month photos, as well as pics from his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve! His first 3 months were packed with holidays!!
We dressed Liam up as a doctor for Halloween and visited our fertility doctor's office. They ladies there LOVED his outfit! 

and Halloween night, he was a sweet little pumpkin.

1 month old

That first month FLEW by! 

We loved having Liam here for Thanksgiving this year. 

Two months old, and ready for Santa to visit! 

2 months down, forever to go. 

Our fancy little man wore a tuxedo shirt for his first New Year's Eve! We celebrated at his Aunt Mandy and Uncle Patrick's house. 

2017 was good to us, and we are excited for 2018!

3 months old

I love those 3 month old chubby cheeks. So so sweet. 

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