Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!! I am SO EXCITED for today, because I am off work! I get to spend the whole day with my baby. The only thing that could make this day better would be if Lee was off work with us too. Liam and I are planning to do lots of playing and snuggling, get some things done around the house in preparation for Easter, and maybe visit Lee for lunch.

Today I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci to share some of my favorite moments and things from this week.

Mr. Liam was not a good napper early this week for his baby sitters, which meant he was sleepy for us in the evening. Monday  night we let him sleep, and he woke up wanting to play, so we were all 3 up until midnight. He was happy and sweet, so we couldn't be upset about the late night, but it made for a tired Tuesday morning.. We learned our lesson, and Tuesday evening we woke him up from his evening nap to eat and play so he could be back to sleep at bedtime. He was so sleepy and cozy when I tried to wake him up, so I was able to sneak in some snuggles. Snuggles with my baby are a FAVORITE of mine this week.
This sleepy guy was OUT. I love his chubby cheeks. 

Can't believe how big he looks here. 

Last weekend we hung around at home on Friday night. We ordered pizza, played with the baby, and wore our jammies all evening. Spending time with my family is always a FAVORITE, and we snapped this pic of us just living the simple life. I often thank God for evenings and moments like this with my 2 favorite guys.
Nothing better than a cozy night in with my family. 

Another favorite of mine this week has been the song Fear Is A Liar by Zach Williams. Have you heard this one? I love his raspy, calming voice, and the lyrics to this song are just perfect. Take a listen if you haven't heard this one yet and need some encouragement!

This week has been a short week for us since I'm off work today. It has also been a RAINY week! We knew it would rain coming into this week, so on Sunday, Lee grilled chicken breast and we used it 3 nights this week in different meals. One of them was bow tie pasta with Alfredo sauce. Comfort food is always a FAVORITE of mine.

My last favorite for the week has been prepping for Easter. We are hosting all of my parents, my brother and his family all at our house for Saturday evening and Easter lunch. Since our oven died on us, I had to get creative with our menu, but I think we got it all figured out! I've also been planning a fun scavenger Easter egg hunt for my niece and nephew in hopes that they aren't too old for some Easter fun. I can't wait to share more details next week about the scavenger hunt!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Liam: 4 & 5 Months

In the blink of an eye, my sweet little baby boy turned 4, and now 5 months old! How is that possible?

Liam has grown so much in the past 2 months. From 3-4 months Liam started sleeping in 5-6 hour stretches, he's really started babbling more, and he loves watching TV, specifically he loved the Olympics. Its so funny how when certain things are on, the TV will catch his eye! When he goes to his Aunt Mandy's house to be babysat, he REALLY likes their big tv, especially when his cousin Charlie has TV shows on with all kinds of bright colors.

At his 4 month appointment, he weighed 14 lbs 13 oz, and is in the 30th percentile for both height and weight. He's starting to get some peach fuzz hair on the top of his head. At 4 months, he was indifferent about bath time. He doesn't get excited, but he doesn't fuss at us when we bathe him either. He's still sleeping in a bassinet in our room at night, and he eats 5 oz of breast milk every 3 hours except for during the night.
My big boy at 4 months old

We got to celebrate Valentine's Day soon after this pic was taken

By about 4.5 months, he started sleeping through the night! He will usually sleep anywhere from 7-10 hours, which has Lee and I feeling pretty excited!! I'm dreading the sleep regression that I hear comes along with teething. Speaking of teething, he's become a slobbering machine, but we haven't spotted any teeth in his mouth yet.
He loves playing with those piggies

That sweet little smile melts my heart

He loves playing in his jumper, and on his turtle play mat. He has really figured out how to push buttons on his toys to make them play music. His favorite toy currently is his toes... it's so so cute watching him reach for his toes and play with them. He really recognizes faces and he gets excited when his grandma comes over to babysit him. He is starting to look a little snug in his 6 month jammies, so we've recently bought a couple 9 month sleepers to try out.

We are loving every minute with our sweet little miracle, and our families are pretty obsessed too. Here's a few more pics of our happy boy during months 4 & 5.
This cute was all dressed for Valentine's Day and was excited to spend his day playing with Grandma.

This little sweetie loves his jumper! 

My brother always says I have the best "ugly faces" when I'm being sarcastic to him... I see this in Lee's future as well! 
This happy boy loves playing with his Daddy.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! I'm always sad to see the weekend go... they just never seem to be long enough! We had a great weekend.

Lee had to go out of town for work last Thursday, and he came home Friday. Liam and I were so excited to have him home. Lee got home around the same time I got off work, so he picked the baby up from the baby sitter's. We ordered pizza and had a cozy night at home. I love nights like that... getting to hang out with my two favorite guys, and since we didn't have to go to work Saturday morning, I didn't have to spend my time rushing around to get things ready for the next day.

Sometimes I feel like my evenings are consumed by making dinner and cleaning up, washing bottles from that day, making up bottles for the next day, packing diaper bags if Liam goes to my sister-in-law's house, or picking up our living area if my mother-in-law is coming over to watch him the next day. It's nice when I can just spend time playing with Liam rather than checking things off my to do list.

Saturday Liam got up for his normal 5:00 am bottle, but that worked out really nice bc we spent the morning bathing the baby and hanging around the house, and left around 9am to head to my niece's dance competition. She is 4, and let me tell you... her little dance was so cute. She had her hair and make up done and the most adorable costume for the competition. This competition was only an hour away, so it was the perfect one for us to go watch. I was impressed that it ran right on time and wasn't too loud! Those are ideal conditions for taking a baby along.
I didn't take any pics myself, but look at Lee and CJC. How cute are they?!

After the competition, we test drove a car! My mother-in-law rode home with us and played with Liam while we were doing our car shopping. Unfortunately, while we were inside the dealership talking prices for the car we drove, someone backed into it and left a dent in the door! So, we did not buy a car this weekend, but we're still on the hunt!

Saturday evening we just hung out at home. Lee made tacos for dinner, and we took turns eating and playing with the baby.

Saturday night playtime
Liam got to try out some of his new 9 mo size PJs. Aren't they so cute?!
On Sunday we got up with intentions to go to church, but by the time we were ready to leave, Liam was asleep. We decided to let him nap and go to late church, but then we all fell asleep and woke up about 10 min before late church started! Whoopsies! We decided to stay home from church, and instead we went grocery shopping and grabbed lunch to go while we were out. Sunday afternoon I got to snuggle with Liam on the couch while Lee replaced the headlight and tale light in my car, and Sunday night he grilled chicken for dinner and we got ready for the week.

Lee sent me this snapchat on Sunday... Liam in his USI gear. It reminded us of all the Sunday evenings we spent at USI Cheer practice in college

Overall it was a pretty relaxing weekend. I love when I get to spend time at home with my 2 favorite guys. This week should be a good one! I'm off work for Good Friday, and we'll be prepping to host my family for Easter on Sunday. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How We... March Edition

You guys, this month's link up is so exciting for me, because I'm finally a mom and can participate in the mom-related blog topics! YAY!!

So today, I'm linking up with Mix and Match Mama Blog and A Little Bit of Everything Blog for their monthly. "How We....." blog posts. This month's topic is "How We Mom Fail"

Here are some of my mom fails so far.... 

1. Forgetting to pack milk! My step-mom had a 50th birthday party when Liam was about 3 weeks old. The party was an hour away from where we live, but since it was a milestone birthday, we decided to travel for the first time with Liam. At that point, we were still super exhausted bc Liam was eating every 2 hours. He wasn't doing well with breastfeeding, and I certainly didn't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, so I was mostly pumping and giving him bottles. We made up a few bottles of pumped breast milk and had a little cooler bag ready to do in our fridge... we drove an hour to the party and realized we forgot the baby's milk!! Thankfully, I had my breast pump with me, so I pumped and got enough milk for him to eat until we got home. Yikes! That could've been a close one. 

2. Forgetting bottle parts... AHH! I've done this too many times. Most recently, on a trip to IL for the weekend. We use the Dr. Brown's bottles with the vents, but when we store the milk in the fridge, we just use the bottle and the flat cap, and then when Liam is ready to eat, we insert the vent and nipple. Well, we packed the bottles, but forgot the vent and nipple parts, so we had to stop at Wal-Mart and buy a new set of bottles on our way there!

3. On my maternity leave, Liam had a Dr. appointment. During that time, he was still eating every 3 hours, and I was also pumping every 3 hours, so I was super exhausted and struggled to leave the house with Liam. But on this day, we both got all ready, and got out of the house on our own. I was so proud we made it to the doctor's office on time, just to realize Liam's appointment was the next day! 

Here's a cute picture of my sweet little guy to break up today's post a little. 
How cute is he in his Polar Bear hat? He's 5 months and 1 week old in this pic.

So those are my major mom fails so far....  I know they're nothing too crazy yet, but give me time... I've only been a mama for 5 months so far. I'm sure there will be  TON more later as Liam gets older.

Happy Pi Day, my friends!