Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! I'm always sad to see the weekend go... they just never seem to be long enough! We had a great weekend.

Lee had to go out of town for work last Thursday, and he came home Friday. Liam and I were so excited to have him home. Lee got home around the same time I got off work, so he picked the baby up from the baby sitter's. We ordered pizza and had a cozy night at home. I love nights like that... getting to hang out with my two favorite guys, and since we didn't have to go to work Saturday morning, I didn't have to spend my time rushing around to get things ready for the next day.

Sometimes I feel like my evenings are consumed by making dinner and cleaning up, washing bottles from that day, making up bottles for the next day, packing diaper bags if Liam goes to my sister-in-law's house, or picking up our living area if my mother-in-law is coming over to watch him the next day. It's nice when I can just spend time playing with Liam rather than checking things off my to do list.

Saturday Liam got up for his normal 5:00 am bottle, but that worked out really nice bc we spent the morning bathing the baby and hanging around the house, and left around 9am to head to my niece's dance competition. She is 4, and let me tell you... her little dance was so cute. She had her hair and make up done and the most adorable costume for the competition. This competition was only an hour away, so it was the perfect one for us to go watch. I was impressed that it ran right on time and wasn't too loud! Those are ideal conditions for taking a baby along.
I didn't take any pics myself, but look at Lee and CJC. How cute are they?!

After the competition, we test drove a car! My mother-in-law rode home with us and played with Liam while we were doing our car shopping. Unfortunately, while we were inside the dealership talking prices for the car we drove, someone backed into it and left a dent in the door! So, we did not buy a car this weekend, but we're still on the hunt!

Saturday evening we just hung out at home. Lee made tacos for dinner, and we took turns eating and playing with the baby.

Saturday night playtime
Liam got to try out some of his new 9 mo size PJs. Aren't they so cute?!
On Sunday we got up with intentions to go to church, but by the time we were ready to leave, Liam was asleep. We decided to let him nap and go to late church, but then we all fell asleep and woke up about 10 min before late church started! Whoopsies! We decided to stay home from church, and instead we went grocery shopping and grabbed lunch to go while we were out. Sunday afternoon I got to snuggle with Liam on the couch while Lee replaced the headlight and tale light in my car, and Sunday night he grilled chicken for dinner and we got ready for the week.

Lee sent me this snapchat on Sunday... Liam in his USI gear. It reminded us of all the Sunday evenings we spent at USI Cheer practice in college

Overall it was a pretty relaxing weekend. I love when I get to spend time at home with my 2 favorite guys. This week should be a good one! I'm off work for Good Friday, and we'll be prepping to host my family for Easter on Sunday. Have a great week everyone!

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