Monday, April 9, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! Today's weekend recap is coming later in the day, because my weekend isn't quite over yet! I had today off work, so this has been a 3 day weekend for me.

We had a low key, but fun weekend! Friday night Lee picked up some burnt ends from our fav local BBQ spot, and I whipped up some simple sides for dinner. Lee's dad babysat Liam for us on Friday, so he ate dinner with us and then headed home. Lee, Liam and I just did our normal evening routine: play, dinner, bedtime, etc.

Saturday morning we got up and I made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast. I had to go to work for a few hours, so Lee and Liam hung out at home and had a guys' day. After work, I picked up my 2 boys and we went to the mall in search of some new PJs for our growing boy. We just got a new Carter's in the mall, so we found what we were looking for right away!

Saturday night we put together Liam's high chair and fed him some baby food for the first time! He LOVES the high chair, and looks like such a big boy in it. He was indifferent about the green beans.
someone was excited about sitting like a big boy in his high chair

Sunday we went to church, got some groceries, and made a big dinner. We scored some king crab legs at the grocery store, so we made Caesar salad, crab legs, and Cheddar Bay Biscuits for dinner. YUM! This was our first time buying king crab. We have only ever purchased snow crab, but we've decided we're huge fans of kind crab! It was so nice that Liam could sit at the table with us in his high chair while we ate dinner. He played while we ate.
dinnertime with my favorite people

Sunday evening Lee and I took shifts with the baby. He played with Liam while I did our taxes, and then I took baby duty while he got some work done to get ahead for this week. After that we gave Liam a bath, and called it a night.

Nothing too exciting went on this past weekend, but laid back weekends at home with my family are my favorite! Today I had the day off work and got to spend it with my little cutie. We ran some errands, played, read books, and took a drive to encourage an afternoon nap (desperate times call for desperate measures, right?).
Liam fell alseep holding his toy! How cute is that?! He slept the whole time I ran errands this morning. 

Back to work tomorrow, but I'm thankful its a short week. Our babysitters are on vacation this week, so Lee is working from home tomorrow so he can be with Liam. Wednesday and Thursday we have Lee's cousin babysitting, and a friend is watching him Friday. He is going to be spoiled rotten this week because all of his babysitters are SO EXCITED to see him!! I'm so thankful we have friends and family nearby to help us out... it really does take a village to raise a child.

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all have a great week. I'm hoping to blog later this week about Liam being 6 months old, so check back on Wednesday for another post.

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