Friday, June 29, 2018

Weekend Recap: Date Night Edition!

Hello everyone! Its Friday, and I'm just now re-capping last weekend... some weeks just work out that way, right? Just go with it... ;)!  Here's a recap of our weekend: I took the day off work last Friday and gave myself a 3 day weekend. Why can't all weekends be 3 days long?!

Friday morning, a friend and her 2 sons came over for a couple of hours to play, and it was great to have some girl chat. Liam and I hung around the house the rest of the afternoon. I held him and snuggled through BOTH of his naps, and we got all packed up for the rest of our weekend. Then Friday night, we ran some errands: A stop at Target, some dinner to-go, and we headed home. It was a nice quiet day/evening with my cutie. Lee left for Nashville for a conference straight from work on Friday, so Liam and I were flying solo the first part of the weekend.
We played outside on our swing... 

...and we played inside with Elmo! 

Saturday morning, we got up and got ourselves ready. My MIL came over to pick up Mr. Liam, and I headed for Nashville. This was my first time leaving Liam over night, and I was really nervous, BUT I did great, and didn't even let myself cry. Liam LOVES his gma, and he got so excited when she walked through the door on Saturday, so that made me feel better about leaving him.

Once I got to Nashville, Lee and I dropped my stuff in the room and headed to the pool. We ordered a frozen drink, took a nap in the lounge chairs by the pool, and it was glorious. That evening we had dinner with the conference, and they provided tickets to the Grand Ole' Opry. We had never been before and we really enjoyed it.
Pool side with a frozen, fruity drink. Much needed R & R. 

The conference was hosted at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. If you've never been here, I highly recommend going. It is so pretty! We stayed here for our babymoon, and have just gone there to walk around other times we've been in Nashville, and it is enjoyable both ways. We got to stay there this past weekend, so on Sunday, we got up and had breakfast at one of the restaurants there and then spent a little time walking around looking at all of the flowers, went into a few shops, and picked up some souvenirs for our babysitters.
My love and I all dressed up for a night out. 

Artwork like this was outside of the Grand Ole Opry.  I posed with Keith Urban...

... and Lee posed with Dolly. 

After our breakfast and walking around the hotel on Sunday, we packed up and headed home to love on that baby of ours! It was so nice to get some one on one time with Lee, and although we drove separate to Nashville, we ended up talking on the phone with each other for an hour on our way home.

We spent the rest of Sunday playing with Liam, unpacking, and getting ready for the week. Our first couples getaway post baby was a short one, but we had a great time together, and I survived leaving Liam over night.  He must've played hard with grandma and grandpa, because he fell asleep around 6:40 pm on Sunday night, and woke once through the night for a bottle, and went back to sleep until 5:00 am Monday morning! Talk about a sleepy baby!
Family snuggles on Sunday with our sleepy boy. 

We had fun in Nashville, but we sure did miss this sweet face! 

So now that I've recapped last weekend, it's Friday, and I'm so excited about another great weekend planned! We are taking my niece to see Taylor Swift in concert tomorrow, and my little guy is going to spend the evening with my brother and his girlfriend. It'll be a kid swap for us! My nephew is MIA from us this weekend bc he's going to a friends's house for a sleepover, so we'll miss him, but I have no doubt he'll be having plenty of fun with out us. Hopefully next week I can tell you about our weekend sooner! Happy Friday, my friends!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Monday! This past weekend was Father's Day! It was so nice to see both of our families, and also to celebrate Lee's first Father's Day. I have very few pics from the weekend, but I still want to make note of our celebration, so someday I can look back on this and remember how we celebrated Lee's first Father's Day.

Friday  night we went to my niece's dance recital! We got mixed up on times, and got there late, but just in time to see her dance. Liam fell asleep on our way there, so we watched a few more dances after hers and snuck out. We were able to say goodbye and snap a pic with her in costume, and we grabbed some Chinese take out on our way home.

Saturday, Lee did dominated some yard work, and Liam and I ran errands to pick up a few groceries and Father's Day gifts. Once we got home, I whipped up a dessert, and we headed to my dad and smom's house. That night we had ribs for dinner, visited my dad's new grocery store (He bought a new building and is moving his store to the larger location. Grand opening this week... so excited!), and then we came home and all the dads opened gifts. Sunday morning we visited, Lee and Liam took a nap together and I packed up our stuff, and we headed for home.
My niece, Layla, is not too cool yet for selfies with her Aunt. 

Liam was not too excited about a selfie with mom and dad. 

Uncle J always up for some baby Liam lovins.

Liam needed a nap, but was not loving the pack n play, so we put him in my parents' bed... safety first!! 

Once we got home, Liam and I took Lee to lunch at McAlister's, and then to get ice cream at Milk & Sugar. Liam napped while we had ice cream, so it was so nice that Lee and I got to have adult conversation while we ate, which doesn't happen very often.
Key Lime and Lemon Meringue ice cream for our favorite guy. 

How cute are these Copy + Paste shirts that Lee got for Father's Day?

Liam is so excited to match his daddy! 

After lunch we came home and whipped up some stuffed peppers, and headed to my in-laws river camp for dinner. We grilled out with my in-laws, played a brief game of cards, and then we made our way home to get Mr. Liam out of the heat.

We had a great Father's Day weekend celebrating some of our favorite men.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites

FRIDAYYYYYY! Woo hoo! I am so excited for the weekend. Although I only had to work 4 days this week, I just am really ready for the weekend! Today I'm linking up with  AndreaErika, and Narcito share my favorite things/items/moments, etc. from the week. You can visit any of their blogs and link up as well! I'm also linking up with Cup of Team for High Five 4 Friday!

My first favorite from the week, per usual, is my sweet little boy! We had a day off together on Tuesday. I knew it was going to rain, so we went outside at like 7:00am to get some playtime in prior to the storms coming. Once we went in, Liam helped me do a little laundry.
Going on a little drive

Doing a little boating before the storm rolls in

My little laundry helper.

Another favorite from the week is this Lularoe dress. The girl I buy my Lula from was discontinuing this style (Amelia), and I got it for a steal! Its solid olive, so super easy to pair accessories with, and its stretchy and comfy, while still looking nice enough for work... that's my kinda outfit! This is only my second time wearing this dress, but each time I wear it, I love it more!

I love this dress because I can add sandals and make it summery, and with flats or a scarf it will be cute for fall too! 

Last Sunday we had Liam's baptism. Lee and I were so excited to have him baptized, and although I tried to keep it low-key, I still had fun planning the menu and putting cute touches around my house to decorate.
I tried to keep my decor neutral so I can potentially use it again, so I tried to personalize his cake and the chalkboard to make it more of a baptism theme. 

Love this sweet little guy of mine. I promise we had pants during the baptism, but we ditched them and his over shirt to cool him off a little :) 

This one is a MAJOR FAVORITE from the week... NEW TV STAND!! Whoop whoop! We purchased this one from Wayfair, and although it took my husband (who has an engineering degree, btw) an entire evening to put it together, I love the final product! Make note if you plan to purchase this: it comes with lots of pieces, but is a great price and looks great when put together.
Here's a view from afar with a cute little banner I put up to add some color for Liam's baptism party. 

Ignore Liam's jumper in the edge of thie pic, but I love our new tv stand! I have all of our DVD's hidden on the sides behind the doors. 

My final favorite for the week is a little trip down memory lane. When Lee and I went to Europe the first time, I sent emails to our family after each city and told them what we did. I've finally gone through and blogged about each city (better late than never, right?), and I basically turned those emails into my posts... but looking through those pics was so fun! Here's a pic of Lee and I at the top of the bell tower in Venice, Italy. This was taken in December 2014. We look like babies!! Check out my Travel tab above to see all of our adventures.

So those are a few of the highlights from my week/last weekend. I'm excited to celebrate my dad, my father-in-law for Father's Day, and I'm especially excited to celebrate Lee's first Father's Day!! We are planning to see my dad Saturday evening, and celebrate with Lee and my father-in-law on Sunday. I'm excited to see what Lee chooses to spend the day doing. I also can't wait to tell you next week what Liam and I have gifted him. Have a great weekend, friends!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Liam's Baptism

This weekend our little sweetie was baptized! This was such an exciting day for our family. We also officially joined our church. We've been attending for about 3 years, but never officially joined. A few weeks ago we took the class to join, so we got to make all of that official yesterday. Can you believe that this is the first church that I've ever been a member of? I really didn't grow up going to church regularly. I'd go randomly to church with friends or family, and my cousin and I went to church camp for several summers, and that's where I was baptized, but my family never went to one consistent church.

So not only am I excited to have joined our church, but I'm so excited that Liam got baptized! He was so cute and did a great job being in front of everyone. We met with our pastor last week to discuss the baptism plans and Liam and Pastor Scott became buddies, so I think that helped things go smoothly on Sunday, because Liam didn't feel like a stranger was holding him.
Liam grabbed Pastor Scott's arm when he put the water on Liam's head. It was so cute. 

After the baptism, we had our families over for some brunch appetizers and a big lunch! We had donut balls, apple danish, and fruit/dip to snack on until lunch was ready. For lunch we had bbq pulled pork, fried chicken, broccoli salad, hash brown casserole, corn pudding, and salad. We also had strawberry and white cake with whipped icing for dessert.

I had a feast for our lunch, but I actually did well getting an appropriate amount of cake! This was a 2 layer cake: 1 white, and 1 strawberry, with whipped icing. It was from Donut Bank, my favorite local bakery. 
Liam's grandparents and aunts & uncles spoiled him with a new pillow, prayer books, cards, a new outfit, and some money for his savings account. After everyone left, he napped for just over 3 hours! This was a huge blessing because Lee and I had only gotten about 4 hours of sleep the night before, so we were thankful to take a nap as well. We stayed up late cleaning and getting our house ready for guests, and although it was tiring, I'm so glad we did, because our house needed a good cleaning!

I kept our party decor simple and non-specific so it could be used again. I put a little colorful banner on our TV stand and put a similar one in our dining room. I had a little chalk board next to the cake that said, "God Bless Liam", and a display of his baptism invitation in the kitchen. Then I put some fresh flowers on my dining room table and on this folding table, and called it good! I'm hoping that those 2 banners and this pretty table runner can be used again for another party since they are pretty neutral.

We had a great Sunday celebrating Liam's baptism, and I'm so excited for him. During our time of waiting for Liam, I prayed and promised God that when I became a Mama, that I'd raise my baby to know God and his greatness, and would encourage my child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I realize that God is not the bargaining type, but nonetheless, I'm so thankful to be Liam's mama, and so happy to begin raising him with a foundation of faith. Praise God for our miracle boy!

This little guy fell asleep on our way home from church. 

Liam cheesin' with my in-laws

My brother and his gf always love playing with Liam. My niece and nephew couldn't make it, since my niece had an out of town softball tournament. 

Lee's grandparents came! I love seeing Lee's grandpa with Liam. He is always holding his hand or singing to him, which is so sweet.  Liam is a lucky little boy. 

I love this little cutie so much. 

My dad and smom made the drive to see Liam's baptism


Little CJC and my smom were besties yesterday. It was so cute. 

I'm so thankful for these 2 boys. 

We had to snap a pic of Liam and his great-gpa holding hands

A family nap was a must after our big day. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Liam 7 & 8 months

Well snap... the last 2 months have flown by! I was getting into a good groove of blogging regularly this spring, and then life just kinda happened, and I've been absent for a while. But now I'm back!

I missed Liam's 7 month post, so we'll do 7 & 8 months together. It seems like just yesterday Liam was 6 months old, and today he's 8 months! How can I make time SLOOOOOOW DOOOOOWN?? He has grown so much in the past 2 months!

Our 7 month old cutie! 
8 months and full of sass

Love that big smile! 

Liam now has 2 bottom teeth and one top tooth just barely showing. He's just started antibiotics for his first ear infection, and he has sleep regressed a little these past 3 weeks because of his teeth and ear. We're hoping once this ear infection is gone, he'll begin sleeping a little better again.
Sleep regression/teething has thrown our schedule off a little

I took this snapshot from a video so I could see those two bottom teeth! 
As of last week, Liam weighs 18 pounds! I is not crawling yet, but has this cute little army crawl/belly scoot going on. If you hold his hands he will pull himself up, and is trying to pull up on toys, in the bath tub, etc. If he crawls at all, I think its going to be a short phase, and he'll work his way right into walking. He loves to have us hold his hands and walk across the living room or down the hallway.

He started saying, "Da da" a while back, but lately he's just doing a lot of babbling.

He loves watching this show called Little Baby Bum on Netflix. He also loves the Ants Go Marching song, ABCs in both English and Spanish, and the Baby Shark song. Lee also has this silly boy scout song that he sings to Liam, and it seems to be a fav lately as well.

Liam's favorite toys include his jumper, and pretty much anything he can chew on. He loves playing in the bath, so that has become a fun past time for us as well. He also really enjoys being outside, so we've been playing a lot in his car.

My cutie playing in his car!
We love to sit in our backyard on our swing. 
As far as food goes, he LOVES bananas! Both in raw form and in puree. We give him purees a few times a week, but we also try to give him a lot of what we're eating. He is so curious, and wants everything we have, so we've taken a few tips from the baby led weaning trend. We try to cut food in a finger shaped form and let him practice pick up and chewing himself. We don't fully do baby led weaning, as we still give him purees, and there are some things we have chosen not to feed him yet, for example: we're not giving him salads, but we might give him a few veggies that we're eating in our salads.
Our big boy enjoying some spaghetti 

These past 2 months have been busy for us! We've celebrated Mother's Day, my birthday, and Lee's birthday. We took a day trip to St. Louis and visited my grandparents, and then we also took a weekend trip to the Chicago area to visit my bff and Liam's new bff, as well as my cousins! As if all that wasn't exciting enough, Liam was baptized yesterday!
Visiting with my cousins who live in Chicago 

During our trip to Chicago, we stayed in a hotel and Liam got to go swimming for the first time! 
This little guy is the light of our lives, and we are loving watching him learn and grow. He is so loved! Here are some more pics of the fun we've been having these past 2 months!

My grandparents were so excited to see us! 
Liam loves staying the night at Uncle J's house

Liam got to meet his bff Madden! I'm so excited that my best friend and I have babies close in age.