Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Monday! This past weekend was Father's Day! It was so nice to see both of our families, and also to celebrate Lee's first Father's Day. I have very few pics from the weekend, but I still want to make note of our celebration, so someday I can look back on this and remember how we celebrated Lee's first Father's Day.

Friday  night we went to my niece's dance recital! We got mixed up on times, and got there late, but just in time to see her dance. Liam fell asleep on our way there, so we watched a few more dances after hers and snuck out. We were able to say goodbye and snap a pic with her in costume, and we grabbed some Chinese take out on our way home.

Saturday, Lee did dominated some yard work, and Liam and I ran errands to pick up a few groceries and Father's Day gifts. Once we got home, I whipped up a dessert, and we headed to my dad and smom's house. That night we had ribs for dinner, visited my dad's new grocery store (He bought a new building and is moving his store to the larger location. Grand opening this week... so excited!), and then we came home and all the dads opened gifts. Sunday morning we visited, Lee and Liam took a nap together and I packed up our stuff, and we headed for home.
My niece, Layla, is not too cool yet for selfies with her Aunt. 

Liam was not too excited about a selfie with mom and dad. 

Uncle J always up for some baby Liam lovins.

Liam needed a nap, but was not loving the pack n play, so we put him in my parents' bed... safety first!! 

Once we got home, Liam and I took Lee to lunch at McAlister's, and then to get ice cream at Milk & Sugar. Liam napped while we had ice cream, so it was so nice that Lee and I got to have adult conversation while we ate, which doesn't happen very often.
Key Lime and Lemon Meringue ice cream for our favorite guy. 

How cute are these Copy + Paste shirts that Lee got for Father's Day?

Liam is so excited to match his daddy! 

After lunch we came home and whipped up some stuffed peppers, and headed to my in-laws river camp for dinner. We grilled out with my in-laws, played a brief game of cards, and then we made our way home to get Mr. Liam out of the heat.

We had a great Father's Day weekend celebrating some of our favorite men.

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