Monday, June 11, 2018

Liam 7 & 8 months

Well snap... the last 2 months have flown by! I was getting into a good groove of blogging regularly this spring, and then life just kinda happened, and I've been absent for a while. But now I'm back!

I missed Liam's 7 month post, so we'll do 7 & 8 months together. It seems like just yesterday Liam was 6 months old, and today he's 8 months! How can I make time SLOOOOOOW DOOOOOWN?? He has grown so much in the past 2 months!

Our 7 month old cutie! 
8 months and full of sass

Love that big smile! 

Liam now has 2 bottom teeth and one top tooth just barely showing. He's just started antibiotics for his first ear infection, and he has sleep regressed a little these past 3 weeks because of his teeth and ear. We're hoping once this ear infection is gone, he'll begin sleeping a little better again.
Sleep regression/teething has thrown our schedule off a little

I took this snapshot from a video so I could see those two bottom teeth! 
As of last week, Liam weighs 18 pounds! I is not crawling yet, but has this cute little army crawl/belly scoot going on. If you hold his hands he will pull himself up, and is trying to pull up on toys, in the bath tub, etc. If he crawls at all, I think its going to be a short phase, and he'll work his way right into walking. He loves to have us hold his hands and walk across the living room or down the hallway.

He started saying, "Da da" a while back, but lately he's just doing a lot of babbling.

He loves watching this show called Little Baby Bum on Netflix. He also loves the Ants Go Marching song, ABCs in both English and Spanish, and the Baby Shark song. Lee also has this silly boy scout song that he sings to Liam, and it seems to be a fav lately as well.

Liam's favorite toys include his jumper, and pretty much anything he can chew on. He loves playing in the bath, so that has become a fun past time for us as well. He also really enjoys being outside, so we've been playing a lot in his car.

My cutie playing in his car!
We love to sit in our backyard on our swing. 
As far as food goes, he LOVES bananas! Both in raw form and in puree. We give him purees a few times a week, but we also try to give him a lot of what we're eating. He is so curious, and wants everything we have, so we've taken a few tips from the baby led weaning trend. We try to cut food in a finger shaped form and let him practice pick up and chewing himself. We don't fully do baby led weaning, as we still give him purees, and there are some things we have chosen not to feed him yet, for example: we're not giving him salads, but we might give him a few veggies that we're eating in our salads.
Our big boy enjoying some spaghetti 

These past 2 months have been busy for us! We've celebrated Mother's Day, my birthday, and Lee's birthday. We took a day trip to St. Louis and visited my grandparents, and then we also took a weekend trip to the Chicago area to visit my bff and Liam's new bff, as well as my cousins! As if all that wasn't exciting enough, Liam was baptized yesterday!
Visiting with my cousins who live in Chicago 

During our trip to Chicago, we stayed in a hotel and Liam got to go swimming for the first time! 
This little guy is the light of our lives, and we are loving watching him learn and grow. He is so loved! Here are some more pics of the fun we've been having these past 2 months!

My grandparents were so excited to see us! 
Liam loves staying the night at Uncle J's house

Liam got to meet his bff Madden! I'm so excited that my best friend and I have babies close in age. 

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