Friday, June 29, 2018

Weekend Recap: Date Night Edition!

Hello everyone! Its Friday, and I'm just now re-capping last weekend... some weeks just work out that way, right? Just go with it... ;)!  Here's a recap of our weekend: I took the day off work last Friday and gave myself a 3 day weekend. Why can't all weekends be 3 days long?!

Friday morning, a friend and her 2 sons came over for a couple of hours to play, and it was great to have some girl chat. Liam and I hung around the house the rest of the afternoon. I held him and snuggled through BOTH of his naps, and we got all packed up for the rest of our weekend. Then Friday night, we ran some errands: A stop at Target, some dinner to-go, and we headed home. It was a nice quiet day/evening with my cutie. Lee left for Nashville for a conference straight from work on Friday, so Liam and I were flying solo the first part of the weekend.
We played outside on our swing... 

...and we played inside with Elmo! 

Saturday morning, we got up and got ourselves ready. My MIL came over to pick up Mr. Liam, and I headed for Nashville. This was my first time leaving Liam over night, and I was really nervous, BUT I did great, and didn't even let myself cry. Liam LOVES his gma, and he got so excited when she walked through the door on Saturday, so that made me feel better about leaving him.

Once I got to Nashville, Lee and I dropped my stuff in the room and headed to the pool. We ordered a frozen drink, took a nap in the lounge chairs by the pool, and it was glorious. That evening we had dinner with the conference, and they provided tickets to the Grand Ole' Opry. We had never been before and we really enjoyed it.
Pool side with a frozen, fruity drink. Much needed R & R. 

The conference was hosted at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. If you've never been here, I highly recommend going. It is so pretty! We stayed here for our babymoon, and have just gone there to walk around other times we've been in Nashville, and it is enjoyable both ways. We got to stay there this past weekend, so on Sunday, we got up and had breakfast at one of the restaurants there and then spent a little time walking around looking at all of the flowers, went into a few shops, and picked up some souvenirs for our babysitters.
My love and I all dressed up for a night out. 

Artwork like this was outside of the Grand Ole Opry.  I posed with Keith Urban...

... and Lee posed with Dolly. 

After our breakfast and walking around the hotel on Sunday, we packed up and headed home to love on that baby of ours! It was so nice to get some one on one time with Lee, and although we drove separate to Nashville, we ended up talking on the phone with each other for an hour on our way home.

We spent the rest of Sunday playing with Liam, unpacking, and getting ready for the week. Our first couples getaway post baby was a short one, but we had a great time together, and I survived leaving Liam over night.  He must've played hard with grandma and grandpa, because he fell asleep around 6:40 pm on Sunday night, and woke once through the night for a bottle, and went back to sleep until 5:00 am Monday morning! Talk about a sleepy baby!
Family snuggles on Sunday with our sleepy boy. 

We had fun in Nashville, but we sure did miss this sweet face! 

So now that I've recapped last weekend, it's Friday, and I'm so excited about another great weekend planned! We are taking my niece to see Taylor Swift in concert tomorrow, and my little guy is going to spend the evening with my brother and his girlfriend. It'll be a kid swap for us! My nephew is MIA from us this weekend bc he's going to a friends's house for a sleepover, so we'll miss him, but I have no doubt he'll be having plenty of fun with out us. Hopefully next week I can tell you about our weekend sooner! Happy Friday, my friends!

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