Thursday, July 26, 2018

Daytona Beach 2018 Days 1 & 2

Last week we took our first vacation as a family of 3! This was Liam's very first vacation. We kept it simple and headed for the beach. Our local airport does a quick, direct flight to Orlando Sanford airport, so we figured that would be great choice for Liam's first flight since it's just under 2 hours, and then we rented a car and drove to Daytona Beach, which is about a 40 min drive from the airport.

Day 1
Liam did great on the airplane. We gave him a bottle during take of and the landing to help with his ears popping. He cried a little during the landing, but just a few wimpers. We played with him and gave him snacks on the plane. We also downloaded his favorite show, Little Baby Bum on our iPad to keep him occupied for a few min as well.

Once we landed in Daytona, we got our bags and car and headed towards the beach! The hotel we stayed at was called the Nautilus Inn, and we loved it. It's nothing super fancy, but its right on the beach, clean, family-friendly, and all of the hotel rooms have a kitchenette (microwave, full fridge, small sink, oven, stove and some cabinet storage). This was great for washing bottles, etc.

We checked into our hotel, dropped off our stuff, and headed to the pier for some dinner. We grabbed a quick personal pizza, ate, walked around briefly and headed back to our hotel. We walked on the beach for a few min, and Liam was IN LOVE. We headed back to the room to put Liam to bed, and I had a grocery delivery scheduled from Publix, so we took care of that and headed to bed ourselves.

Day 2 was Independence Day! We knew everything would be busy, so we headed to the beach early, around 10am. We figured out this week that Liam has about a 2 hour beach span and then he starts fussing. So around lunch time we came in and Liam took a nap, while Lee and I ate lunch in the room. Liam slept for just barely over 2 hours, so Lee and I took a nap ourselves, caught up on some emails, and enjoyed the balcony view.

When we all woke up it was time to get ourselves ready and head for dinner. We chose to eat at Aunt's Catfish, and it was great. I would definitely recommend it. This was our favorite food of the trip.
Waiting for our table outside Aunt's Catfish

They had a small little playground for kids to play on while waiting, and a big dock to walk out on and enjoy the view

View from the dock at Aunt's Catfish

I had a frozen cocktail with dinner, YUM! 

The food at Aunt's Catfish was so good! I don't have pics of my salad plate, but they had a HUGE salad bar with both hot and cold items. You could totally make a meal out of this if you wanted. I chose the "Pick 2" option on their menu with coconut shrimp and clamp strips, and my meal came with two sides. I chose a baked potato and the salad bar. ALL of the meals come with a cinnamon roll, and they are DELICIOUS! I was too full to eat mine, so I took it to go and ate it for breakfast the next morning. Even the next day it was so good.

After eating Aunt's Catfish, we headed back to our hotel and went for an evening walk on the beach, Liam's favorite vacation past time, and then we watched a few fireworks from our balcony.
We watched fireworks in our jammies from the balcony! Look how intrigued Liam was with the fireworks! 
The fireworks were loud outside, so we put noise cancelling headphones on him. He tried to pull them off, but once he started watching the fireworks, he was distracted enough to keep them on. Thankfully, the fireworks didn't bother us while we were inside sleeping!

Check out my next post to read about the next 2 days of our trip!

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