Monday, July 2, 2018

Weekend Recap: T Swift Edition

Friends, I am so exhausted this Monday morning! Give me ALL the coffee! This past weekend was totally worth it, though. Read all about it! 

Friday was kind of a drag... our AC went out, and it was 85 degrees in our casa when we got home, YUCK! So Liam and I spent most of our evening playing in the basement, since it's so much cooler down there than upstairs. Lee called the AC repair, and they came out and got it fixed! I was so thankful!! I had been a little nervous that they may need to order a part or something, and if that's the case, our house might've stayed hot for a few days, OR we'd have to pay an arm and a leg to rush order, etc. So thankfully, it got fixed, and our casa is all cooled down now. After the AC people left, Lee went and picked up some taco rice bowls from Hot Head Burrito, and we called it a night. 

On Saturday, Liam and I hung around the house and cleaned up and what not while Lee ran some errands. Saturday afternoon, my brother, his gf, and my niece showed up. We took my niece and headed to Louisville, KY, and my brother and his gf stayed at our house with Liam. 

Let me just start by telling you that this concert was in an open stadium where U of L hosts football games, and it was HOT! Like high 90's, heat advisory kind of hot. On our way to Louisville we rocked out to T Swift and got ourselves pumped up for the concert. Once we got to town, we grabbed a quick dinner at Chick Fil A. 
This girl LOVES her some Chick Fil A. 

After dinner we headed to the show! The openers were Charli XCX and Camilla Cabello. Next came Queen Tay, and she put on an AWESOME show. Think fireworks, confetti, flames, fountains, props, costume changes, and of course some really great music. The concert was quite a production. We had so much fun dancing, singing, and sweating haha. 
We were HOT, but having so much fun together. 

T Swift is that tiny little woman on stage, haha. Thank goodness for those screens so we could see her! 

Everyone at the show got a bracelet that lit up differently for each song, etc. It was so cool! 

We made it home late, told my bro and his gf all about the show, and then crashed. Sunday we got up and had breakfast with my family. My step-mom came over and us girls went to Starbucks for some coffee and got pedicures! We stopped at Sonic on our way back for lunch, and then everyone headed home. Lee, Liam, and I spent the rest of our Sunday cleaning up from the weekend and starting to pack for vacation. 
Love her so much! 

Time to get pampered! 
This little guy was so sleepy but wouldn't go to bed, so I wore him in my baby carrier, and got some kitchen cleaning done. 
We'll be headed to Daytona Beach, Florida for vacation soon, and we are SO EXCITED! This will be Mr. Liam's first airplane, first time to the beach, and our first vacation as a family of 3. I can't wait to tell you all about it when we get back. Happy Monday, everyone! 

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