Friday, December 14, 2018

Friday Favorites 12/14/18

It's been so long since I've participated in a Friday Favorites post! I'm happy to be blogging more again, and this is one of my favorite link ups to join in on! The link up is hosted by Narci, Andrea, and Erika. Today I have 6 favorites to share:

My first FAVORITE for the day is:


I have given all of my finals and graded them all... after I submit my grades on Monday, I'm off work for THREE WEEKS! I really do love my new job, and I'm so glad I made the career swap from Financial Aid Counselor to Professor.

Another FAVORITE of mine from this week is that our Christmas shopping is F.I.N.I.S.H.E.D! No more pressure to find just the right thing. We did a pretty good mix of online and in-store shopping this year, which made the process a lot easier.

No work, and no more Christmas shopping.... what am I going to do these next 10 days between now and Christmas?! Snuggle my baby, watch Christmas movies, and BAKE! I'm looking forward to all 3 things. I'm planning to use this recipe which is one of my FAVORITE ways to make cookies bc its so easy.  I'll use red and green M&Ms to make a cookie cake for my family Christmas this weekend... I'll probably write, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS" on it.

Image result for happy birthday jesus cookie
This is a random Google image, not actually my cookie cake. 
Speaking of Christmas shopping above, one of my FAVORITES that we purchased this year was from Food for the Hungry We have been sponsoring a child for about a year and a half, which is a monthly donation that helps purchase food for her and her family. FFH also offers gifts that give back. This was great as a gift for my grandparents who have everything, and want/need nothing.

I purchased "two chickens" for a one set of grandparents. This is a gift that goes to a vulnerable family in honor of my grandparents, and can provide both food and a way for the family to earn money. For my other grandparents we purchased the gift of a household water tank that provides a vulnerable family access to clean water, in honor of my grandparents!

Once you make your donation, you get a certificate you can print out to give as the gift. I paired it with a box of chocolates, and that's my Christmas gift to each set of my grandparents!

Another FAVORITE gift that we purchased this year, was a little less thoughtful, but I think my niece and nephew will love: Altec Speakers . These things are awesome! Waterproof, sand proof, etc. and for being as small as they are, they are LOUD! We tried them out at Kohl's ($30) but ended up buying from Amazon bc they were cheaper ($25). Here is a pic below of the speaker next to a Tall Starbucks cup, so you can see how small this thing is. (This is an affiliate link above, so I will get a small Amazon credit if you purchase!)

My next FAVORITE is my little cutie in his Christmas sweater! We found it at Target, and I plan on having him wear it several times over the next two weeks. I took this pic last weekend at my work's family-friendly Christmas party. You can find Liam's sweater at Target. (this is not an affiliate link, just sharing bc the sweater is so cute!)
He wasn't sure sure about santa, but look how cute his elf sweater is! 

My last FAVORITE for the week was a little swing time with my big boy. We have this swing hanging in our garage, which gives us something to do when the weather is too cold or rainy! He LOVES it, and has even started lifting his arms if we say, "Woo Hoo!!" Its so cute!
He claps when he is excited or if we say, "Yaaay!"

Arms go up when we say "Woo Hoo!"

That's all of my favs for this week! This weekend Lee and I are going solo to his work Christmas party, then we'll spend the weekend at my dad and step-mom's house celebrating an early Christmas with some of my family. Sunday when we  get back to town, we're gonna try to take Liam to see Santa with Lee's sister and her family. I'm looking forward to all of the family time! Happy Friday, my friends!!

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