Wednesday, December 5, 2018

HELLO OUT THERE... family update!

HELLO OUT THERE...! It's been a while! About 4 months have passed since my last blog post! How did that happen?! In my last blog post I shared that I had gotten a new job. That new job has made for a crazy busy, yet fun semester! I am really LOVING teaching. This semester has been a pretty big learning curve for me, and I'm trying my best to take it all in. I've had plenty of frustrations and failures, but also lots of successes and good times. Overall, my students have been kind and patient with me as I learn to navigate teaching. I have some bright students this semester, and I've enjoyed their thoughtful discussion in and outside of class. I'm going to call my first semester as a college professor a success. Next week I'll give final exams, and once I submit my grades, I'll take a little time off before diving into a new semester.

There's SO MUCH that I want to document from these past 4 months... fun times with my 2 favorite boys, and with the rest of my family, home projects, crafts, recipes, etc., but I'll work my way through all of that as I get time.

For now, I just want to update and get myself into the groove of blogging again. My new job has been keeping me busy, so I've spent most of my free time on a computer grading and preparing for assignments and lectures rather than blogging. I think as I approach a new semester and I am teaching some repeat courses where I've already developed assignments and read the textbook, tweaking them will be less time consuming than starting from the beginning... so hopefully I can blog more frequently going forward. So that's an update on me and my career change.

Lee is doing great, and has been so supportive of my new teacher role. We spend a lot of "date nights" at the dining room table together doing work after Liam goes to bed. Working from home while sharing a coffee at 11pm isn't our ideal date, but it's made us extra thankful for our jobs and we suppose that any time together is better than none, right? haha. Lee has done an awesome job making finishing touches on our basement remodel, and I am thinking 2019 is the year it will officially be finished, as there are really only a couple small things left to do. We have it to a point now where we can hang out down there and Liam can play. I hosted my 3rd annual scarf party downstairs, and I'll definitely have to blog about that soon!

Here's a pic of us on a family walk this fall. 

We were a family of pirates for Halloween. 

Liam is growing like a week and is walking (RUNNING) all over the place! He has at least a dozen teeth, and is cute and sweet as ever. We celebrated his first birthday this fall, and time continues to fly. My new job has given me some great flexibility and I'm loving having extra time with him, especially on Fridays (which is why I work late so many nights- so I can work ahead and spend my day with him on Fridays).

Here are just a couple pics from Liam's 1st fiesta. Can't believe we already have a 1 year old!

All that being said, our clan is doing great and feeling extra thankful as we dive into the holiday season. I can't wait to reconnect with some of my favorite bloggers, and link up on a few Friday Favs posts and what not.

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