Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tuesday Talk: Infertility Update

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've updated on our fertility situation, so I figured now, at the new year, would be a great time to do so.

I'm joining the Tuesday Talk Link-UP with Ashley and Erika, so I'll do a quick update for anyone new: 

My husband, Lee, and I married in 2012, and started trying to have children in December 2013. We planned an awesome trip to Europe (Rome, Venice, Munich, Berlin, and Paris), and assumed it'd be our last big trip as a family of 2). We quickly realized that wasn't the case. 
This is us in Rome on Christmas Eve 2013

I'll skip forward to January 2015 when we did our first IUI. It was not successful, and we went on to do 5 more between February and June. 6 total IUIs, and they all failed. We were feeling exhausted and defeated after those 6 months and decided we needed a break. 

Throughout the rest of that year, we did some natural family planning, and took a break from fertility treatments for over a year. During this time I started the MBA program at our alma mater, the University of Southern Indiana. We went back to our fertility doctor in the fall of 2016 and began planning for IVF. I graduated with my Master's Degree in December 2016. We had our egg retrieval in January 2017, and on Valentine's Day, we had our embryo transfer. 
Here's us on Valentine's Day, the day of our embryo transfer

THE IVF WAS SUCCESSFUL, and we welcomed our sweet baby boy, William (Liam) Andrew, on October 6. He has been a JOY to our lives, and we love being his parents. 
I was so lucky to have a pleasant pregnancy. I loved being pregnant! 

This little cutie is our favorite.

Now that he is 15 months old, we know without a doubt that we want more children. So for now, we are trying on our own, using some of the natural family planning methods we learned before. We're not being super structured with it, though. I'm being aware of signs of ovulation, and we're being intentional with our timing, but I'm not keeping any kind of chart. Just keeping track of when my cycles end and begin. 
We love being his parents 

We don't want all of the stress and daily pressure that we put on ourselves in the past. After earning my MBA, I was fortunate to be given an opportunity to be a full-time business professor at our local community college, which has been a great transition for our family. I have a much more flexible schedule, and get to spend all of my Fridays, school breaks, and summers off work with Liam.  That being said, we've decided if we don't get pregnant on our own, we'll call our fertility doctor over the summer. If we're going to do IVF again, we might as well use time to our advantage. If we go that route, we'll try to do IVF in August or September, so that if successful, the baby would be born early summer, allowing me a 'maternity leave' without actually having to take time off of work. 
We thank God every single day for giving us Liam. Being a family of 3 is so much fun. 

So we are spending our time enjoying our sweet boy, and pray that God provide us with peace and guidance with growing our family. 


  1. Praying for you all.

  2. I'm in a little bit of the same place--it took a couple years and one miscarriage before I got pregnant with our son, and now I'm already beginning to feel anxious about whether it'll be as hard or take as long next time. That time was really hard, and this time around I really want to choose to be content with the miracle boy God has given me, rather than going back into that mindset of stress and pressure and feeling like I'm running out of time. It's amazing how much it can mess with your emotions, that season of trying to have a baby, and I don't want to let it rule my life again. But I do pray for another little miracle baby--and I pray that I will be able to have joy and peace along the way.

    1. Rachel, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!! I'm so so happy for you all <3

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