Monday, January 14, 2019

Weekend Recap 1/12/19

Happy Monday!! I started back to work from Christmas break last Monday, but today is my first day of classes! I'm so excited!!

We had a nice weekend at home, and I'm starting the semester feeling excited and refreshed.

On Friday, it began snowing and was COLD. We opted to have a quiet night at home.
After dinner Liam was messy, but it was kinda early for pjs, so Lee put a random mix of comfy clothes on him (Christmas pants, haloween shirt)... but Liam didn't want to stay still on the changing table, so the shirt got buttoned later... over the pants HAHA! We've been occasionally having Liam wear shoes in the house to encourage him to walk more flat footed, and less on his toes. 

Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast, then we got all bundled up and headed outside.
This boy LOVES when we have bacon for breakfast. We also had French Toast and strawberries, but he was most excited about bacon. 

Lee and I took turns pulling Liam around in his new sled. He was gifted this sled for Christmas, along with his snow suit. I'm so glad we got to use them this year. 

First time eating snow :)

We built a snowman and named him Olaf 

Not our best selfie, but still turned out cute. 
After playing in the snow, we came in and played inside. Saturday evening we ran some errands at Hobby Lobby, Sam's Club, Bed Bath and Beyond, and ended with some dinner at Olive Garden.

He enjoyed OG.
On Sunday, we went to church, redeemed our reward for a free coffee at Starbucks, and came home. We played at home, and Lee and I took turns doing some work. Lee and Liam ran to Lowe's in the afternoon, and Lee and I both did some work while Liam napped.

We had Mexican chicken rice veggie bowls, and Liam was pretty happy about them. 
We ended our weekend with a short visit to my sister in law and  brother in law's house. My brother-in-law's birthday is today, so we brought his birthday card by, and caught up with them for a bit, and played with our two nieces. I failed and didn't take any pics, but trust me when I say, our nieces are adorable :).

Sleep training with Liam still went well this weekend, despite our daily schedule being a little off since Lee and I weren't going to work. Now that we can get him to go to bed at a decent time in his own bed, we need to work on keeping him in his own bed at night... after that we'll try to tackle nap time. 

This is going to be a somewhat busy week for me since classes start, but it shouldn't be too busy for our family as far as the evenings go. I'm looking forward to meeting all of my new students this week! Happy Monday everyone, have a great week! :)

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