Thursday, February 7, 2019

Weekend Recap, 2/2/19

I don't always recap our weekends, but this one was especially great, and these are the kinds of memories I want to look back on someday. No major plans, just lots of quality time with my favorite people.

On Friday night, I hosted a Galentine's Day Recipe Exchange Party. My girlfriends came over, and everyone brought an appetizer. I compiled all of the recipes ahead of time so everyone could have them. We ate, chatted, voted on best recipe, and ended the night before 10:00pm. Haha... Mom life!! I didn't take a single picture.

Saturday morning, Lee, Liam and I got up and got ready for the day. We ran some errands and then went to Milk and Sugar, a local ice cream shop, to celebrate National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. We met some girlfriends and their kids there for waffles and ice cream. It was delish!
In this pic, I'm going to say that Liam is shocked he got to have Ice Cream for breakfast

This is the face Liam made when we didn't feed him ice cream fast enough.

After "breakfast" we headed home.. Our mailbox has been hit approx. 283947389 times this year, so Lee replaced it, again. While he did that, Liam and I played, napped, and cleaned up. By dinnertime, neither Lee nor I wanted to cook, so we opted for Buffalo Wild Wings since we had a gift card for there. We didn't take into account that IU was playing Michigan State that night, so it was a LONG visit to B Dubs, but overall still good.

Sunday morning Liam woke up at 5:00am, so we got started early! Lee made sausage and french toast, and Liam at more than a whole piece himself. He LOVED it!
This happy boy loves French Toast

We headed to church. After church we got groceries and came home for lunch.
Looking so handsome for church. Ignore our pile of mismatched socks... Liam and I folded laundry before bed Saturday night and we left those socks out hoping to match them up with other clean laundry this weekend. 
Liam napped while Lee and I cleaned up, and once his nap was over, we headed to the zoo. On Friday, the local schools were out bc the roads were super icy and slick in the morning (Just 2 days prior, it had been 0 degrees). By Sunday, my car said 67 degrees...CRAZY! Anyways, we took advantage of the warm weather and walked around the zoo. Liam did lots of walking, and had a blast. We don't let him roam around on his own much when we're outside of the house... he always seems to either be in the cart or we carry him. He was loving the freedom.
Lee and Liam checked out the otters from this tunnel

It was 67 degrees this day, but the birds were standing on ice in the pond. I guess that's what happens when you go from Polar Vortex to spring weather in a matter of 3 days

family selfie at the zoo! 

After the zoo, we stopped at a friend's house for playtime with their kiddos and a Superbowl dinner. We headed home about 10 minutes into the game bc Liam was getting tired, and their kids were ready for baths. The rest of the night we spent playing with Liam and watching the Superbowl. He went to bed right after half time, and I feel asleep on the couch not too much later.
For Super Bowl Sunday, Lee and I rocked these Rams jerseys I had from the early 2000's 

Although we didn't have anything major planned for the weekend, it was so nice to spend lots of family time together at home and around town. Lee and I both talked about how much we enjoyed being together and doing everything but nothing all at the same time.


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