Monday, July 22, 2019

Pregnancy Update... Better Late Than Never?

Hi everyone! I wrote a post ALL about our pregnancy in April 2019, but just recently published it. Since it's been about 3 months, I figured I'd better update.

I am currently 23 weeks pregnancy, and our family is expecting a baby BOY in November 2019. Lee, Liam and I are SO EXCITED. Really, just Lee and I are excited. Liam is clueless as to what's going on, but he has learned to point to my belly if we ask him where mama's baby is.

This pregnancy has been progressing smoothly, and other than being super tired, I've been feeling great. I'm just now, in the last 4 weeks or so, starting to get more energy. Up until this point I've been pretty exhausted, but that is to be expected, I think, when you're growing a baby and raising a toddler.

Since Liam was born unexpectedly at 36 weeks, our OBGYN said the risk of this baby coming even earlier was pretty high. Because of that, she referred us to a high risk OB. He has been monitoring me every 2 weeks to confirm that my cervix is not shortening (so far so good), and this doctor's office has also taken over doing our grown scans, etc. So far, baby boy is doing great! We were able to learn his gender around 16 weeks with a unexpected ultrasound with my regular OB, and confirmed again at our 18 week anatomy scan (and several scans after that). I'm still meeting with my regular OB every 4 weeks, but my high risk OB is doing the ultrasounds every 2 weeks. At last week's appointment, I got the great news that since I've made it this far with no cervix shortening, I can now wait 4 weeks between visits with the high risk OB, and will continue seeing my regular OB every 4 weeks as well.

Around 16 weeks we started this injection called Makena (aka 17P), which is a progesterone shot. Its supposed to keep me from having contractions, which will ideally help prevent the baby from coming too early. We did the first shot in the doctor's office, but have done the rest of them at home. I thought this would be no big deal bc we did a bajillion shots during our fertility treatments, but this shot HURTS! Its worse than any other shot I've ever had. It burns going into my skin, and causes the back of my arm to be sore for a few days afterwards. Maybe that's why it hurts so bad- its given in the back of my arm, which is a sensitive area for everyone. I will take these injections until 35 weeks, so I have about 12 more, and then I'm done. Totally worth it if my baby will stay in keep growing like he's supposed to.

Other than all of that, this pregnancy has been very smooth, much like Liam's, and I am so thankful. Right now I'm enjoying summer break at home with Liam, working 1 day/week teaching an online class. I'll go back to work teaching full time in late August, and am hoping to work up until this baby is born!

Our next big appointment for this baby will be with my regular OB, and she will schedule my glucose test (probably next week or the week after). When I was pregnant with Liam, I failed the first test, and had to go back and do a longer one, which was no fun. Let's pray that I pass this one the first time, and that baby continues to grow and cooperate, as he has thus far. Thanks for reading! Can't wait to update again as my pregnancy progresses. Below are a few pics of my baby bump.

Here I am with the proud big brother at 16 weeks.

16 weeks!

Here I am at 19 weeks! Lee snapped this pic during our weekend away in STL for the MCAI Convention. 

Here I am on vacation in Daytona Beach at 21 weeks. 

This is me and baby boy enjoying the Rise Conference in Dallas at 22 weeks along. 

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