Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Welcome Baby #2

Hello, friends! We are so excited to welcome our 2nd son to the world. Logan Scott Fehrenbacher! He was born on 11/11/19 at 11:12am. He weighed in at 7lb 2 oz and 21 inches long. He and mama are both doing well.

We are so thankful for this sweet miracle boy, and cannot believe that we get the honor of raising 2 sons! We are still pinching ourselves to make sure this is real life. We prayed to become parents for so long, and God has blessed us abundantly.

After Liam being born 4 weeks early, we were concerned with this pregnancy  that Logan would be premature too. We saw a high risk OB and took weekly injections from weeks 16-36, and they seem to have made a difference, as Logan stayed put until 6 days before his due date! On Sunday, my pregnancy reached 39 weeks. Sunday was a beautiful day, so Lee, Liam And I went for a slow walk around our hilly zoo. I think that walk did the trick, because I began having contractions Sunday afternoon, and by 2am Monday morning, we headed to the hospital. We joked that on 11/11 it would be fun for baby for be born at 11:11, and ironically, he was born at 11:12am. Also, after having a beautiful 60 degree day on Sunday, we got our first snow on Monday, the day Logan was born. 11/11/18 was a day of sadness for our family, as my mom’s cousin Brian went to heaven on this day last year. Now, 11/11 will be a day of joy for our family, thanks to sweet Logan, and I know Brian would love that so much. Lots of special memories for our special boy!

Logan is looking a lot like big brother Liam! We are so excited to watch these two brothers grow up together. Liam hasn’t been too interested in Logan yet, but we think once Logan gets bigger, that will all change. So far Logan is sweet, snuggly, and calm. We are so in love with our handsome boy. 😍

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